Trust Your Intuition: Your Gut Knows What’s Up

Posted by Jade Marvin on 5/27/21 4:00 PM

When we look for guidance, we often look outside of ourselves for answers or to feel complete. We may feel unworthy or unprepared for answering our own questions, when in reality, the answer was within ourselves all along. Being in tune with oneself is a hard skill to master, yet a necessary one to be able to gain clarity through life’s hardships. When we draw awareness inwards and practice the art of mindfulness, we can then begin to feel supported and at peace. Like any relationship, the one we have with ourselves takes time to nourish and thrive.

Everyone may have their own unique way of finding their alignment with themselves. It may present itself in the form of meditation practices, taking walks or hiking in nature, reading books, prayer or even card readings. Whatever it is, go out there and find it.


It can be very difficult to understand the difference between the voice yelling inside our heads from our conscious mind, and the whispers of our intuition. What is the difference between a gut feeling and fear talking? Well to start, if your question starts with “What if” then that is your fear talking, as you begin to second guess yourself. Asking “What if questions” will just lead you down a spiral of hypothetical scenarios that you may not even have control over. When fear is involved, our intuition gets hazy. According to Melissa Maher, a certified coach, a general guide to remember is - fear feels like a no and intuition feels like a yes. Melissa states, “Intuition might guide you to say No to something - to leave a job or relationship, to not make that investment - but when it’s a genuine intuitive hit, even the sense of the No will feel like a Yes”.

Most people are not raised in a culture to recognize or really dive deep into their intuition. It can be really difficult to decipher between intuition and outside noise. Krystle Riveras, one of our admissions coaches here at SWIHA, describes to her students looking to find out more about intuitive guidance is that it is like a muscle that you have to exercise. The more you exercise and practice listening to your intuition, the easier it will be to listen to your inner guide.

Here are 5 ways to deepen your connection with yourself: 

  1. Check in with yourself regularly. How often do you actually sit down and ask yourself how you are doing? Tune into your body and notice what it is trying to tell you.

  1. Focus on breath. Focusing on your breath can help to ground you and draw you into your inner self. Practices of meditation and mindfulness through guided imagery are great ways to achieve this.

  1. Feel. Life is hard and oftentimes we cover up how we really feel or brush it off to avoid having to deal with it head on. This disconnects us from our inner self and just brings a temporary “numbing” to that pain. Try to have the courage to sit down and feel uncomfortable.

  1. DIY Ritual. Create your own ritual and routine that feels right for you! However you feel you are best able to connect to your inner self and listen to your intuition, make it a daily ritual to center yourself before the busy-ness and chaos of the world enters your day.

  1. Be YOUrself. Being your true, authentic self will allow you to be in tune with your existence. Put away the masks and the costumes, and grow into your true potential.

Once you are in alignment with yourself, you may feel empowered to share this gift with others. To serve as an “Intuitive Guide” or “Intuitive Messenger” is to be deeply in tune with your higher-self and your innate wisdom, so that you may lead others to hear the truth buried within their hearts. Many believe that we have Guides available for us at all times, such as angels, spirit animals, totems, fairies, Ascended Masters, and many more. What it requires is a special kind of listening that allows your inner being to hear their words, allowing you to be a type of “human messenger” and commit to being of service to those in need of clarity, connection, and compassion. There are many ways to communicate with your special “guidance team” and learn to fully trust your connection to that Divine guidance.

SWIHA offers both an on-campus and online certificate of excellence for Intuitive Guides.

SWIHA’s Intuitive Guide Certificate of Excellence will:

  • Deepen your own spiritual awareness.

  • Develop your intuitive abilities and confidence in your spiritual gifts.

  • Inspire you to develop your natural Coaching and Intuitive Guidance strengths and abilities over time.

  • Acquire an entire toolbox of techniques to best serve a wide variety of clients and allow you to fully express your talents.

  • Serve the Divine as you offer divine guidance, clarity, wisdom, and insights to others.

  • Create a spiritually-based business or to incorporate Intuitive Readings and Coaching services within your existing practice.

This is a perfect certificate to help refine your gifts and help you offer additional services to your already established practice as a coach, holistic entrepreneur or spiritual teacher. The next on-campus start date with Sharon Rose for Intro to Intuitive Guidance is September 10-12. This weekend course you will begin to access and develop your intuition, determine your divine communication style(s), and explore the channels of divine communication. You will establish divine dialogues, explore super conscious guidance, create sacred reading space, and explore angel reading protocols. In addition, you will examine your readiness to meet your primary and secondary Spirit Guides, practice meditations for guidance and protection, and learn to live in alignment with Divine guidance and flow.

Sharon Rose 3Sharon Rose is a motivational speaker who supports spiritual entrepreneurs connect to themselves and their business. Sharon Rose is a past great graduate from SWIHA’s 800 Hr. Yoga Therapy Program with concentrations in Holistic Nutrition and Life Coaching.

SWIHA’s monthly sought after Gifts and Graces event is next week on Friday June 4th, 2021 from 6pm to 7pm at Spirit of Yoga with Sharon Rose as the featured speaker. Come feel enlightened by Sharon's talk, visit our Mission Possible student booths and get a better sense of the strong commUNITY offered here at SWIHA, SOY and SWINA. Sharon Rose’s presentation will help you learn to connect, ask, listen and respond through action to your Higher self and your Cosmic Support System - including a special Vibration Cosmic Revival Sound Healing.

Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; and then act upon what you know to be true. These intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

Become an Intuitive Guide

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