Three Ways to Activate the Law of Attraction for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Jade Marvin on 12/9/21 4:00 PM

Many of us believe that we do not have the power to change our lives or to live our ‘dream’ life. We live our daily lives programmed to do what we are supposed to do. Wake up. Go to work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. This becomes the system and the wheel of life we become a cog in. How do we attract what we really want for ourselves? To know the Law of Attraction is the first step in making these changes to a happier, more fulfilling life. As defined by Sharon Rose, The Intuitive Guide Program Director here at SWIHA, the Law of Attraction is “a universal law of energy. It acknowledges and has been proved through quantum physics that human beings are constantly and consistently emitting vibrational frequencies, and this energy we emit affects our perception of and experience in, the world. It is the law that says we attract to ourselves that which we are thinking, feeling, saying, and believing.”


The Law of Attraction does not simply mean to manifest what you want in life. You have to set clear intentions and have a willingness to take action to attract opportunities to you; thus, in return, manifesting your ‘dream’ life. Sharon Rose asserts, “The Law of attraction is just that, an attraction. Only you have the power to reprogram and recalibrate yourself to the energy and frequency of that which you desire in your life.” Have you ever heard “Your thoughts turn into words turn into actions”? This applies here as well. When you align your actions with your intentions, you become unstoppable.

This is easier said than done. Saying you want to have a change in your life is obviously easier to say than to actually implement in your day-to-day life. The Law of Attraction requires courageous work. We have all heard of New Year’s Resolutions. The year 2022 is right around the corner, and the New Year is often a time where people take the time to sit down and think of what goals and wishes they want to start for the New Year. People say they will be ‘healthier’ and go to the gym. They buy gym memberships, go for the first two weeks, and then suddenly stop. The Law of Attraction not only takes hard work, it also requires consistency.

Below are three ways you can activate the Law of Attraction with Intention:

  1. Journaling. Write or visualize your wishes. When you take the time to sit down with yourself and write down all the thoughts, visions, goals, and dreams you have for yourself - you are able to lay it out all in front of you rather than having them swirl in your head. When your thoughts get written onto paper, you release their power over you. At this point, the power is now in your hands to implement aligned actions to bring these goals to fruition.
  1. Conversation. Talk with someone you trust about what you are looking to manifest. This can be a coach, a best friend, a mentor - whoever you feel would understand you and create a positive support system for you to achieve your goals. Sometimes saying your thoughts out loud give you the opportunity to really process them.
  1. Game Plan. Plan out small, easily-attainable daily actions. This is the part where you have to really lean in and trust yourself. Make a plan to do something towards your goal each and every day. Start with something small and easily attainable - and then grow from there!

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