The Science And Magic of Vibration, Color and Crystals

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 8/19/19 3:00 PM

Using crystals to promote healing is a six-thousand-year-old practice, dating back to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. The crystal healing philosophy we know today is formed on concepts borrowed from the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu/Buddhist concept of chakras, or vortices of life-energy that connect physical and spiritual element within our bodies.


Crystals are solid, with atoms arranged in what is called crystal systems. Seven types of crystal systems exist, producing different physical geometry. However, they all share the characteristic of atoms arranged in tightly ordered, repeating patterns. Crystalline lattices split cleanly and smoothly, which is how gemstones are faceted to catch light in fine jewelry.

Crystals in Connection to Our Bodies

Our central nervous system acts as an electrical system, running along the spine where there are major energy centers which vibrate at set frequencies and have specific nerve centers in communication with them. The color spectrum of visible light is set up very similarly, with the major frequencies being red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Each wavelength also has an associated vibrational resonance.

This may sound familiar if you’ve done your research on chakras. First described in Hindu scripture thousands of years ago, the word chakra means ‘wheel‘ and are described as vortices of energy that flow through the body. Blockages of chakras are thought to manifest as physical and emotional issues.

Understanding the connection between color, vibration, and the central nervous system, crystals provide a vibration that we can “tune in to”, providing the corresponding chakra a chance to “harmonize”.


Beginning Your Crystal Collection

Because they contain different energies, it’s important to understand which crystals are right for you. Here are some of the most popular choices and their purported benefits:

AmethystAmethyst: Incredibly protective and purifying, it helps rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring forth spiritual wisdom. 

Rose-QuartzRose Quartz:  Promotes trust, harmony and improves connections while encouraging comfort, self-love and self-worth.

JasperJasper: Helps to relieve frustration and guilt while building confidence and brings energies of wholeness and healing to difficult situations.

JadeJade: Attracts good luck, wealth and lasting connections and helps to stabilize emotions and promote independence.

TurquoiseTurquoise: Stimulates tissue regeneration and provides relief from pain, as well as improves mood and clarity surrounding causes of unhappiness,

MoonstoneMoonstone: Soothes stress and enhances intuition while providing inspiration and clearing negative energies internally and externally.

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