Struggling Self-Worth to Successful Entrepreneur: Taressa Riazzi Tells Us How

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 2/21/19 3:00 PM

“As cliche as it sounds, I truly cannot believe I get to do what I love each day,” Taressa Riazzi, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, tell us.

It used to be a very different story for Taressa. Prior to her healing journey, she was struggling through a challenging time; doing her best to be a stay-at-home mom while battling significant depression and debilitating anxiety. After realizing that putting everyone’s needs ahead of her own was having a negative impact on her emotional landscape, she knew something had to change.

“I originally was drawn to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts for the nutrition program,” she tells us, “however, after I experienced hypnosis and saw the impact it had on me and those I worked with, I decided to primarily practice hypnosis and life coaching.

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She completed the Mind Body Wellness Practitioner diploma program with certificates in Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition and Life Coaching. She was so deeply impacted by the healing she underwent during her SWIHA education, that it set her on a mission to share that transformation with others.

“SWIHA gave me the opportunity to learn how to balance and make myself a priority,” Taressa explains.

“I’ve run my own thriving practice for almost nine years now, and I can truly say that it is incredibly fulfilling to do the work,“ she says, “The fulfilment for me comes from the incredible transformations and journeys that unfold that I have the honor of witnessing when working with my clients. It’s something I never take for granted.”

Through her business, Wholistic Healing, she offers private sessions in her Scottsdale office as well as virtual sessions from anywhere in the world, digital courses and hypnosis audio downloads, and will soon be offering VIP days and retreats across the country. She specializes in helping her clients with self-love and confidence, releasing negative habits, cultivating a success mindset, weight loss, and stress management.

Taressa Riazzi Entrepreneur SWIHA Blog IG“I have now had at least four clients who witnessed such profound impacts in their lives after working together, that they decided to also do the hypnotherapy program at SWIHA as well,” Taressa shares, “I love when this work has a ripple effect like that!”

She admits that staring her business was not always easy for her, and called her to release and heal even more: “I have perfectionist tendencies so starting off in my business I was set on having everything be perfect. This often led to overwhelm, burnout, and ‘not good enough’ feelings would creep in. I let go of having things be perfect and begun to take action which led to an increase in confidence and motivation. Being courageous despite the fear led to increasing my confidence faster than anything else!”

Taressa explains that being honest and vulnerable has contributed to the success of her business: “The transparency that I have with my audience about my story has led to them to trust in my ability to understand and support them in their own journey. I chose to be authentic each day, even if that means I am still a work in progress.“

She continues: “Our minds are so powerful, I cannot believe the amount of healing and growth that I have experienced. I went from a shy, cynical, depressed, anxiety-filled girl who didn’t love herself to a woman who feels strong and confident and has a successful business helping others do the same!”

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Taressa offers this wisdom: “Start where you are with what you have, even if fear is along for the ride. The fear will be there. It shouldn’t have a say.”

To learn more about Taressa and get inspired to begin your own venture, you can follow her on Facebook or visit her website.

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