Sheila Marcella Taylor Brings Clarity to Her Clients Through Coaching Tools

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/19/20 8:00 AM


“Life coaching allows people to answer their own questions when we provide them with the proper tools and guidance to discover what they are seeking clarity around,” says Sheila Marcella Taylor, a Southwest Institute of Healing Arts graduate with a diverse toolbox which includes Yoga Body Psychology, Holistic Nutrition, and - of course - Life Coaching!

Sheila is the type of student we affectionately refer to as “SWIHA Lifer”; she has completed several programs and many courses over the last seven years. “Each class I took gave me a broader understanding of myself and what I wanted to do with my education,” she explains.

Her clarity evolved into her business, Taylor Made Yoga, where she works with individuals in the health industry, hospice work, and grief counseling, as well as active military and military veterans.

“I like to use the Wheel of Balance,” Sheila tells us, “It offers my clients options to choose what category or issue they want to focus their coaching session or sessions around. I also like to use the More or Less tool.”

Sheila’s favorite part of Life Coaching is digging deep with the right questions: “It provides my clients the opportunity to dig deeper, go within, and discover the answers on their own.”

Become a Life Coach

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