Sharon Rose Guides Women to Unleash Their Inner-Goddess

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/5/20 8:00 AM


“I love being a life coach because I am given the opportunity to witness women stepping into their power,” says Sharon Rose of The Goddess Leadership Academy, “I get to see her glow when she has a new awareness, a new idea, a new action to take. Being able to support her through this and hold the space for her transformation if a gift.”

“It also supports me in my own growth in my business and personal life,” she continues, “I can only expect my clients and students to go as far as I am willing to go, so I am always striving to expand myself.”

In her business, The Goddess Leadership Academy, Sharon coaches women to be their most authentic and vibrant through spirituality and it's different practices. Her two coaching programs, the Goddess Priestess and the Modern Matriarch Mentorship, are both grounded in self-development and expression. The Priestess program being for women who are looking to do deep inner work, and the Matriarch for those who are ready to express themselves out into the world through a business or project.

“My style of coaching is grounded in spirituality of the Goddess and my faith in humanity to be responsible and accountable,” she tells us,  “I operate from a ‘tough love’ viewpoint. The space I hold is soft and encouraging for my clients to drop in deep to their knowing and receive the answers they are looking for to their problem. At the same time, I know that without devotion and commitment to being and doing different with the new information discovered, life will remain the same. The environment is encouraging them to stretch themselves in taking action to create the lifestyle they desire, which sometimes requires hard truth about the world we live in and what it takes to live in alignment with oneself. “

In addition to one-on-one coaching, Sharon also holds monthly online and in-person events teaching to the Goddess, rituals, astrology, and tarot.

Sharon explains: “I strive to bring balance to the spiritual realms of limitless potential and the human realm in which we must ground down and focus that power and energy. To do this, I believe it is a balance of inner and outer work for my clients. Knowing our truth is good. Acting on it is greater.”

She believes Life Coaching is an opportunity to change your life on your own time and terms: “It is not easy to change your habits, your beliefs, and your ways of living. If you want it, are willing to do the inner work, and outer action, a Life Coach can be your cheerleader, accountability partner, and confidant”

“Working with a coach can give you insight into what holds you back, the root of thoughts and behaviors patterns, fears, and blocks while at the same time giving you clear direction to where you want to go and what you want to experience,” concudes Sharon, “Coaching will support you in achieving the goals, creating momentum, developing new positive habits, and designing the life you desire through conscious intention.”

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