Serena Faith Uses Tarot Cards to Unlock Major Self-Healing

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 7/18/19 3:00 PM

“I guess you could say I've lived many lives before I found SWIHA,” says Serena Gosling, an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner student who’s graduating this month,  “Spirituality always interested me, but I only scratched the surface.”

Serena explains that she spent much of her teens and early twenties using drugs as an escape. “I was still really lost, until about two and a half years ago,” she tells us, “I had a massive awakening and realized I wanted to help others heal. A few months later I found Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.”Tarot-Cards-Serena-Faith

Serena fell in love with Tarot immediately after receiving her first deck at seventeen. She is now stepping in to her dream of using it to provide clarity for her clients: “I provide transformational tarot readings and oracle readings. I love combining different decks into a reading and truly making it unique.”

She sees Tarot as a form of Life Coaching: “I want to transform the way people see and use Tarot cards. I really like helping people transmute their darkest times, find true inner healing and work their shadow. I also love self-care and self-love. Helping people come into that state is truly wonderful.” Serena is in the process of creating a Life Coaching course around those topics!

“The biggest thing I got from SWIHA was self-healing,” Serena continues, “By healing myself, I can turn around and help others heal. I think that's the most important thing...I learned to love myself, even the unlovable part and that I am way stronger than I ever anticipated. I am capable of my wildest dreams. I just gotta get out of the way sometimes!”

She says that each and every teacher impacted her life and played a part in her journey: “They all played a specific role when I needed it. I am grateful for them all. However, Melissa Corter was the one who truly inspired me. Her entire Intuitive Guidance class really spoke to me.”

As for her professional progress: “I am still in the process of nurturing and planting seeds. I had to throw out the idea that immediate success was going to happen. However, I am further along than I ever have been and I am enjoying the ride. I was recently approached by a Psychic Adviser site and I am starting that journey. I am going to start developing my Life Coaching courses in a few months once my daughter goes to full time school. So right now, it's all about Tarot.”

“I am so grateful for the growth and experience I have had,” Serena reveals, “I look forward to seeing where I am in a year!”

She discloses: “This journey isn't all rainbows and sunshine. Once you attend SWIHA and step up to your soul purpose and mission, the Universe is going to shake you of everything that is holding you back. Surrender to the process and let your teachers and staff know what's going on. If you need a breather, let them know. Reaching out and asking for help is a sign of strength.”

Serena also received support in the form of her coursework: “I would get spiritual nudges. I would be dealing with something in my personal life and suddenly I would log into my classwork and it aligned right to where I was.”

“I am pretty sure my life has changed in every aspect,” she says, “I am living a dream I never thought was possible.“

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