Samantha McManaway-Hanks Uses Hypno-Coaching to Create Breakthroughs

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/7/20 8:00 AM


Before becoming a Life Coach, Samantha McManaway-Hanks was struggling to find who she was. “I ended up in the hospital with an infection and my whole life turned upside down,” she shares, “I was once super healthy and then one day, I was extremely sick. I then started to have to find ways to deal with stress, health, and everything else. That’s what lead me to SWIHA.”

Samantha felt a connection instantly with SWIHA and says that upon her first interaction with her Admissions Coach, she knew it was the place she was meant to be: “This was a school that had everything I was interested in, everything I have always wanted to study. I am an INFJ, so being able to help heal people was something that I felt deep inside my soul that I was destined to do.”

“Life coaching, to me, is about shedding your old skin and allowing a vibrant, free, awakened soul to come alive. Remove the limiting beliefs and start showing up for yourself because you deserve it!” describes Samantha.

She is thriving in her own coaching business, Empower with Samantha, where she assists men and women through empowerment to break free from limiting beliefs and allowing their most authentic, raw self to to come alive. Through the use of Hypnotherapy alongside Life Coaching, she helps her clients discover their true power and potential!

“I love assisting in Vision Board, Wheel of Balance, and Values tools,” she explains, “Being able to empower those to see their future self and knocking down the blocks it takes to get there is most rewarding. I also really enjoy working with the Love Languages. When working with clients, they can expect a whole lot of self-love.”

Samantha’s decision to become a Life Coach has also had a profound personal effect on her own life: “Since going through the Life Coaching program at SWIHA as one person and leaving as a better version of myself with so many wonderful tools is what makes me love being a Life Coach. From a client’s first session with me to their last session, the transformation, the tears, the laughs, the ah-ha moments... they are worth everything.”

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