Rocio Castellanos Empowers and Inspires Others Through Coaching and Holistic Healing

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/21/19 8:00 AM

Rocio Castellanos spent twelve years working in the medical field, and loved that she was able to merge her passion for helping others in to her career. However, after a decade of that work, she began to feel as though there was something more she should be doing.


“I just didn’t know what it was,” Rocio explains, “I now realize this is when my spiritual awakening began taking place..., I followed my heart and intuition, and then came across an ad for SWIHA on one of my social media accounts. I looked into it, I ordered a class catalog and before I knew it I had an interview with one of the advisors!

Shortly thereafter, Rocio received her first Reiki session: “It was life changing for me. I was ready to surrender and release to the Universe. I knew what I needed to do, and I knew that the ‘bigger and better’ was here for me.”

She received her Level I Reiki attunement and afterwards decided to enroll in the Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching programs at SWHA!

“Life Coaching is about providing a person with the necessary tools to move forward in their life,” Rocio tells us, “It is about empowering encouraging and inspiring them to take an internal dive to gain clarity. Life Coaching guides them to be present for themselves and focus on the ‘now’ in order to move forward.”

Rocio serves as a Spiritual Life Coach through her business, Natural Inner Healing & Wellness. She offers healing techniques such as reiki, crystal healing, meditations, hypnotherapy and, of course, one-on-one Life Coaching sessions.

“I have found my true calling, my mission in life, my passion,” she says, “My desire is to create balance, increase self-awareness, and provide a safe, non-judgmental space for healing and personal development.”

Rocio is impacting the lives of others through coaching, as well as gaining many personal benefits: “Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach has enabled me to create the life that I dreamed of. Everyday I grow, learn, and expand. Life Coaching has opened the door of self-acknowledgement, self-love, and self-validation. I have learned to create balance by being & doing.”

She has this to offer to future SWIHA students: “Trust your intuition and believe in yourself. Release what no longer serves you and take things literally one day at a time.”

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