Rocio Castellanos Built a Clientele for Her Thriving Holistic Practice – Before Graduation!

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“I have grown in more ways than one, I have a new appreciation for my life and my experiences. I am forever grateful for the SWIHA community,” Rocio Castellanos, a graduate of the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner diploma, program tells us, “Even though I was an online student I felt I was always ‘there’.”

Prior to her journey at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Rocio had worked in the healthcare field for twelve years as a Respiratory Therapist. “I have to say that I wish I had had this training when I was working in the medical field because it would have helped me be of better service to my patients,” she discloses, “Not that I wasn't, however, I know the skills I now have would have benefitted my patients even more.”

Her Discovery Journey

“SWIHA sort of ‘fell into my lap’ when I was looking to go back to school to further my education. I was already accepted into the University of Arizona for a program as a Social Worker and there was something inside that didn't feel quite right,” describes Rocio, “I kept on postponing registering for classes until one day on one of my social media accounts I saw an sponsored ad for SWIHA. I immediately went to the website, looked through the programs and within 2 days I was talking to someone from admissions & student services.”

Although she is an Arizona resident, she chose the Integrative Healing Arts Program online because it was more convenient for her to study online rather than travel from her city to Tempe.

“One of the things that I really liked about the school staff and personnel is that they gave me the opportunity to take my time to decide—which didn't take long, honestly. I liked the space I was given to consider my options and all my doubts and questions were answered,” she says.

Rocio says she was immediately drawn to the Hypnotherapy program, and ultimately chose to enroll in the Integrative Healing Arts with her specialties being Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.

She tells us: “One of the reasons that I am now so passionate about the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner program because I have the unique opportunity to work alongside & guide people that are ready to make a personal commitment to better themselves, to honor their own uniqueness and divinity.”

Ready, Set, Entrepreneurship!

“My life has changed in so many levels!” Rocio reports.

She graduated from the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner program in May 2020, however, she has been in business for two years! “I decided to open my business while in school to begin building my clientele,” she explains. Rocio began to put her vision together in the Business Development classes which manifested in her business, Natural Inner Healing & Wellness, LLC.

How did she ensure success so early on? She shares: “I was already a Reiki Master Practitioner so that seemed like a great way to start offering my other services, taking on volunteers for Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.”

“It has been quite an experience and journey and I have learned so much!,” Rocio says, “And there is still much to be learned and experienced.”

She adapted her business for these unprecedented times and tells us: “I work remotely from home online offering classes and workshops via Zoom to minimize big gatherings. I also work in person one-on-one with my Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching clients at an office space that I have been renting for a year now.”

Rocio’s offerings include: Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Toe Reading, and Reiki. “As part of Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching I create individualized plans with my clients while offering them tools to be able to empower and encourage them into being the best version they can be,” she says.

She ensures a continuing relationship with her clients by offering four, six, or eight week programs in which the client chooses what works best for them, with payment plans available for her clients.

Her passion for helping others is clear as she explains: “My desire is that ultimately they won't need to work with me after they have learned how to make better use of the tools they already have within.”

Rocio’s Message to You

“Future and current SWIHA students, I honor your dedication and self-love to be a part of this wonderful community. You are setting yourselves up for professional as well as personal success. SWIHA doesn't promise you a job or says that it is ‘easy’, because if it were easy then SWIHA wouldn't exist. If you are now ready to really make a difference throw yourself into each of your courses with passion and dedication, this is your commitment now in order to be of greater service to those you serve in the future. Remember, who you are now and how you react now influences who you are tomorrow.

The greatest lesson that I learned while at SWIHA is that we are truly capable of so many wonderful, amazing things when we follow our heart, when we listen to our intuition. I learned that things that present themselves as ‘obstacles’ only serve me to be propel myself forward and that if something doesn't work out it's ok. It's just another opportunity for me to do things differently, because failure only come to those who try.

I have a new appreciation for my life and my experiences. I am forever grateful for the SWIHA community. Thanks to the tools that I continue applying on myself, I have this sense of peace that before seemed non-existent. So, as I continue to grow, learn and expand I hope to stay connected in some way shape or form. I hope that within my story you find inspiration to be better than you were yesterday and the day before that.”

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