McCall Brown Built a Thriving Business on Her Big Dream to Spread Self-Love

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 7/30/20 4:00 PM


I have always had a passion for mind-body health,” McCall Brown tells us, “I found myself studying and talking about it to friends and family all of the time, so I thought: ‘why don't I become a coach and help others find greater health and happiness?’”

McCall brings that level of self-actualization and merges it with her knowledge of Guided Imagery, Holistic Nutrition and spiritual psychology to help clients step in to their best self through her business, Beautifully Balanced by McCall! She has fully embraced the title of Intuitive Mind Body Wellness and Emotion Code Practitioner.

McCall describes her journey to self-love as one that many women can relate to; as a young teen she struggled with things such as body image, healthy eating, and anxiety. ”My own study and practice [of holistic healing], really opened my eyes and I began to love it so much. I dreamed about being someone that could help another find peace and healing.”

It was trusting in that big dream that led McCall to graduate Southwest Institute of Healing arts with a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner diploma, where she learned how to help others to embrace health, success, potential and happiness on every level, using an integrated approach and professional coaching practices.: “SWIHA was amazing and truly helped me do my own inner work as well as learn powerful tools and insight into truly helping my clients…All of my Guided Imagery and Life Coaching classes were so fun!”

McCall states the biggest lessons she learned at SWIHA was self-compassion and to excitedly meet any challenge she’s presented.

Today, McCall works one-on-one in phone sessions with clients, doing conscious work through Mind-Body Wellness and subconscious work through The Emotion Code work, a technique by Dr. Bradley Nelson that releases trapped emotions, similar to Polarity and Yoga Body Psychology.

McCall knows the importance of having an abundance of tools as a Holistic Practitioner, as healing is not ‘one size fits all’: “My goal as a coach is to use my intuitive gifts to tune in to the unique needs and together, with my client, find the best path.”

“My life has expanded in a beautiful way. I am more open, aware and, most importantly, I feel so much more comfortable with myself,” she says.

To those also called to aid the health and happiness of others, McCall has this to tell you: “Embrace it! Put yourself all in so that you have no regrets. Feel confident going out into the real world of this work!”

Build a Holistic Business Like McCall Did, 100% Online

If McCall’s job sounds like a version of your big dream, we believe you’re being called to step in to it. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ newest online program, the Holistic Health and Wellness diploma, may be an excellent fit for you!

This 100% online program supports the integration and application of holistic modalities, such as the psychology of wellbeing, mindfulness tools, and holistic nutrition techniques. You’ll also be fully supported in building your business while in school and beyond graduation; our Holistic Entrepreneur and Business Development certificate is built in to the program, and SWIHA offers lifetime entrepreneurial support through Our Success Center.

Many people today are aware and proactive about all aspects of their health, and are willing to invest in lifestyle-based strategies to improve themselves. One reason for this is that we are seeing an aging population who is living longer, yet suffering with chronic conditions that conventional medicine can treat on a physical level; holistic wellness bridges the gap to address the mental and spiritual byproducts or roots of the ailment, which could be things such as shame, poor sleep, a lack of confidence, or anxiety.

So many are seeking a way to reconnect to their mind, body and spirit and, most importantly, they need trained and knowledgeable practitioners to rely on. Are you ready to fulfill your big dream? Speak to one of our Admissions Coaches today by emailing info@swiha.edu or giving us a call at (480) 994-9244.

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