Marquita Almodova-Keeme Uses Empathy, Intuition and Massage to Heal

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 10/17/19 3:00 PM


“I now know my worth and my life's purpose,” declares Marquita Almodova-Keeme, a Massage Therapy and Life Coaching graduate.

Marquita was seeking a new career in a peaceful environment and, to her, massage seemed like the most logical choice. She was being called to serve others, and her first day of Cranial Unwinding with Lisa Kearn was a defining moment on her journey: “That’s when I started to embrace the spiritual teachings of SWIHA,” she tells us.

“My practice has helped me to intimately understand my gifts as a bodyworker,” says Marquita, “Since I am an empath, I can sometimes feel what a patient is emotionally processing and, when encouraged by Spirit, I engage the patient with some simple life coaching dialogue. “

She currently uses her healing gifts at a pain relief center, however, Marquita received a direct message from Spirit while she was in her program at SWIHA that she was to open up a holistic center! Her business, Tranquility HQ, will be focused on inner peace and emotional restoration so physical balancing can occur. Her offerings will include various types of bodywork as well as Holy Reiki, Life Coaching, and Sound Healing. Her intuition and empathy are the main tools that she utilizes her healing sessions, allowing a tailored experience for each individual.

“The training I received was perfect!” Marquita enthuses, “Because of my experiences at SWIHA, I am fulfilling my destiny.”

She shares this wisdom for future SWIHA healers: “Wholly receive all of the information that is coming to you. Don't resist the change!”

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