Mari Rubio Discovered Her Life’s Purpose is Serving Others as a Hypnotherapist

Posted by Jade Marvin on 2/21/23 4:00 PM


Life before SWIHA for Mari Rubio was filled with many life-altering moments. Mari, having already been exposed to the power of Hypnotherapy, was sharing the methodology of HypnoBirthing with expectant parents. Mari shares, “Through this work, I started to develop a fascination with the powers of the mind. I wanted to learn how hypnosis could be applied to other areas. I was certified in general hypnosis in 2018, just a year before I lost my husband of 19 years unexpectedly to pneumonia. In evaluating my life and purpose, I decided I wanted to further explore hypnosis.” Thus began Mari’s journey at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts when she enrolled in the Hypnotherapy program in 2020 to gain a deeper understanding of the various Hypnosis applications.

“My life has taken many twists and turns from working at Harvard University to being a full-time mother of five beautiful children. However, nothing, other than my faith, has grounded me like my hypnosis work.”

Life can take us in many different directions. When we were younger, we were commonly asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Our answers vary over time, and the older we get. There is often a misconception with thinking that whatever answer we come up with, is what we have to be for the rest of our life. However, this is simply untrue. Mari has experienced this herself from participating in the role of mother, wife, university employee to Hypnotherapist. Once Mari found her life’s passion as a Hypnotherapist, her intentionality, and purpose in life became clear. “Intention and mindfulness show up in my life in many different forms through my actions and thoughts. It is amazing to know that the simple task of focusing on one’s breathing and visualizing can bring about tremendous healing and therefore, make way for incredible goal attainment” asserts Mari.

Now having graduated from the Hypnotherapy program, Mari shares as she reflects on her goals, “My goals for this past year have been for personal growth and healing. I have been able to reach those goals by doing much self-evaluation and self-care. I am still a work in progress. However, each day I get closer to reaching those goals.” she continues, “As I strive to achieve self-improvement goals, I also strive to obtain professional goals as well. For example, I am eager to strengthen my hypnosis work and our industry, in general, by providing best practices and superior service to my clients.”

The future advice that Mari would like to share with any future or potential SWIHA students is, “Be kind and patient with yourself. You are an AMAZING individual full of beauty and intelligence. You must always seek the best in yourself and others. You must always live in abundance and give more than your receive. TRUST the process. For it is these virtues wherein lays your power awaiting to be unleashed.”

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to support people in making needed life changes. Here at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, we offer multiple Certificate Programs online and on-campus that you may choose from to best match your schedule, interests, location, and needs. Check out more information below!

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