Linda Bennett Utilizes Powerful Imagery to Deepen Life Coaching Sessions

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/2/20 8:00 AM


“Being a Life Coach is just part of who I am,” says Linda Bennett, “I love asking questions and helping others dive deep and find the treasures within.”

Linda Bennett is a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach who owns Heart Centered Healing as well as serves as the Director of the Hypnotherapy program here at SWIHA! She has been a practitioner and instructor of Hypnotherapy for twenty-five years and became involved with Life Coaching in 1996. Along with KC Miller and Carolyn Frasier, Linda helped to create the original SWIHA Life Coaching curriculum in 2002.

“Life Coaching is a powerful way to help others transcend current blocks and barriers to create transformation and joy in their lives,” explains Linda, “Coaching is about having powerful and honest conversations that help people move forward. An effective coach knows how to ask powerful questions to help clients discover their own greatness.”

Linda describes her coaching style as assertive and playful at the same time, using a lot of imagery to really make the discussion come alive. She also utilizes a technique known as Parts Therapy to address inner-conflict and create a more integrated self.

“Imagery, for me, is critical,” she tells us, “because what the mind imagines is what we manifest in our lives. Sadly, often what clients are spending their time imagining are those things that are the roadblocks keeping them from their goals.”

Linda believes that everyone contains the answers inside of them, and finds joy in educating the holistic practitioners of the future as they pioneer this new, holistic way of being: “I find that fears and self doubt are what keeps people from their greatness and I love helping others break through their stories to create a more fulfilling life!”

Join Linda on SWIHA’s Facebook at 12PM AZ time every Thursday in January for Live discussions celebrating Life Coaching Month!

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