Habit-Changer Sue Shapiro Uses Gentle Strength to Coach Others

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/26/19 8:00 AM


To Sue Shapiro, Life Coaching is “the roadmap to help you achieve your dreams, learn to be authentic, and live your full potential.”

Sue is a SWIHA Life Coaching graduate, and further deepened her practice by becoming a certified Habit Change Practitioner. Through her business, Finding Your Divine Spark, she offers heart centered ‘flow-with-soul’ Life Coaching to help people reclaim the Divine Spark of their life, and describes her style as “soft-spoken”.

“My energy could not handle the booming voice of someone like Tony Robbins, so I chose to be the kind of Life Coach that I would choose for myself, and the one that I was unable to find for a long time,” she explains, “I am a light-seeker and have been for many years.”

The clients who find Sue are usually on a spiritually-aligned journey yet feel uneasy or unsure of where that path is taking them. “They will tend to dull their own light instead of continuing to shine more brightly,” she elaborates, “My clientele is more of the feminine energy base, often women who have spent a lot of time focusing outwardly, perhaps on raising a family, or moving up a career ladder, only to find themselves swimming upstream struggling against the currents.”

Her business’ vision statement is: “Helping you Reclaim the Divine Spark of Your Life by Creating a Signature Experience That Gets People Talking”. She often asks her clients in their first session: “What do you want your life ‘signature’ to look like?”

“My clients are ready to jump off the hamster wheel and want to feel like their life matters again. They discover they have always mattered, that they are whole and complete and just had to re-learn how to love themselves as the beautiful Divine Sparks they are!” says Sue.

If you’re feeling called to serve as a coach, Sue wants you to know: “It’s never too late to step onto your true path. Life Coaching may bring you to tears, stretch you further than you ever thought possible, strengthen you, take you on a fantastic journey, and it will reward you with new perspectives! Move past your fears, dare to dream big, and just freaking take the leap of faith into the unknown. It’s an amazing ride!”

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