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Toe Reading, as we know it at SWIHA, is almost 20 years old this year, and in that time approximately 2000 people have been trained in the art of Toe Reading, both in the United States and Japan!

Toe Reading is based on the theory that the body holographically records the stories of our lives which then causes the toes to depict what one’s journey has been like. It has been well documented that everything that happens in your life -- the story and the emotions -- are stored as cell memory; each bump, lump, crease and crevice means something.

Done correctly and ethically, a Toe Reader is never a Toe Teller! In fact, a cardinal rule in the execution of this technology is that the Coach, aka Toe Reader “holding space” for the client leaves their ego at the door, and serves from a place of deep listening and curiosity, rather than assuming they could possibly know what the client’s story truly is or the emotional path they’ve walked.  A Toe Reader is really  Coach – a Soul Coach.

little-feetAs well trained, professional coaches know, some of the greatest gifts we can offer a client is the validation of their experiences, a nonjudgmental place in which to speak aloud the thoughts and feeling they have held unexpressed, and the assurance that they do have the answers they seek within.

When ask if the interest in this metaphorical form of coaching is beginning to wane at all, as the author of this unique forming of coaching, I am happy to report with resounding enthusiasm that Toe Reading is actually gaining momentum as a Coaching tool because its mindful approach. This powerful modality really is best described as Soul Coaching!

How does Toe Reading work?

Just as other coaches do, a Toe Reader / Soul Coach creates a safe sacred space. Often a session will begin with the two people grounding through breath and setting an intention for the session.  A coaching session can be thought of as a ceremony of sorts — what is brought to the altar is forever altered! It is through sacred witnessing of stuck stories that healing and transformation happens. Once something has been seen — it cannot be unseen!  Once the root of a ‘stuck story’ is illuminated a new decision can be made as to how the client will choose to walk forward from a place of self-empowerment.

What’s new with Toe Reading?

This deep intuitive work is now expanding to include a shamanic component of the Tao. Tao is an Eastern word meaning 'way' or 'path'. Toe Reading is a ‘way’ for connecting deeply with someone’s path and honors each experience had on their individual path in this lifetime. When used as a verb, Tao is translated as ‘speak’. This is a fitting description because it describes what happens during a Toe Reading. The coach humbles themselves to sit before another and invites them to speak of the unspoken or the unhealed stories that the soul recorded and now have shown up in the toe tissue.

The symbol of the Tao the symbol for emptiness; the accompanying premise is we must fully empty to be filled again.  As this tenant applies to Toe Reading/Soul Coaching, one must fully empty themselves of stories to make room for a new way of showing up in the world. If you tell the story, with any amount of detail or emotion, it isn’t healed.  The art of helping someone to empty themselves of their story is the act of ‘sacred listening.’  

Examples of the new Tao of Toe Reading wisdom include:

  • The way is an empty vessel. Live your life fully. Empty often so as to make room to be filled again.

  • To tell someone their way is to get in the way of their healing and growth. Allow souls to find their own way. Guide rather than lead the way.

  • There are no ugly or beautiful Souls, just as there are no ugly or beautiful toes. Let us learn to judge nothing, rather see the perfection in each step.

  • We can know anything for sure; let us stay in curious willingness observe what is present at the time.

  • When we show up, the Divine shows up and sits next to us in an intense and wise way! Be still and know; you will be shown.

big-feetTry it!  You’ll Be Surprised!

On the first Friday night of month SWIHA offers an inspiration night known as Gifts and Graces.  At the monthly event complimentary Toe Reading session are offer for those interested in experiencing this mind-body form of coaching.

Become a Toe Reader

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