Juan Te Dailey Assists Those ‘Caught in the Gap’ Through Her Non-Profit

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/14/20 8:00 AM


As Juan Te Dailey was working as a staff coordinator, she became introduced to the concept of Life Coaching: “I saw it on a show several years ago and it stayed on my mental ‘shelf’ waiting to be birthed,” she explains.

Once she became immersed in her education during the Life Coaching program at SWIHA, her vision of service became clear: “Most people are like me: they take jobs for security and spend years doing something they hate because it isn’t what they are born to do. Seeing the lightbulb go on is priceless!”

Juan Te’s personal ‘lightbulb’ was also activated via Life Coaching: “I’ve recently changed my focus to the Serious Mental Illness (SMI) population who live independently but are caught in the gap,” she tells us, “They can live on their own, but receive no support because they are too high functioning.”

In coaching sessions, Juan Te asks questions focused on helping those individuals find their voice, as well as simply listening. “Society dismisses their value,” she adds.

Juan Te’s non-profit, Dsquared Homes for the Homeless, provides housing resources and appropriate services to help those in need return to a life of purpose or create a path for those who have yet to reach that goal. 

Her mission is clear: “Helping lost souls with the courage to shift find their purpose in life!”

If you’re interested in this cause, you may visit this link for more information on how to assist!

Become a Life Coach

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