Jennifer Emperador Quit the Corporate World to Create a Compassionate Coaching Business

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/16/19 8:00 AM

In 2010, Jennifer Emperador quit her job of ten years after realizing it didn’t fulfill her, and it was that brave plunge into the unknown that became the catalyst for some major positive change!

“The idea of going back to the corporate world was unfathomable,” discloses Jennifer, “During my soul-searching journey, I was invited to SWIHA’s Gifts & Graces and as soon as I walked through the doors, I knew I was home.”


Jennifer is a self-proclaimed “SWIHA Lifer” and has taken many programs, including Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Yoga Teacher Training. She’s also a member of our Admissions team, lending her first-hand experience to future practitioners. The pursuit closest to her heart, however, is her coaching business Sol Discovery.

“I am a Trauma Sensitive Practitioner and work with those who are dealing with the effects of trauma and/or PTS(D).  I use modalities that support the integration of mind, body, and soul,” she explains, “Life Coaching is a soul compass that leads you to the truest expression of who you are. Most of us have been taught to follow society’s ‘norms’. When we’re being called to step away from that and define our lives, we need tools to help us interpret what lies within us. It is all within ourselves to create a happy life. “

Like so many of our students, Jennifer came to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts seeking tools to help others, only to find that it was also a means to heal herself: “Life Coaching gave voice to my own wisdom and life experiences. I became more conscious of how I was connecting with others and how I was showing up in the world. Because of this shift in perspective, I was able to create a life that supports my desire to help others heal and, at the same time, honor my own journey.”

Going through her own healing journey has allowed her full understanding of the importance of her role as a holistic practitioner. She tells us: “Many clients have not had the opportunity to share their experience in a safe and sacred environment. It can be difficult to move forward in life if you are still consumed by your past. Holding presence for someone so that they can be seen and heard is medicine for transformation.

If you’re feeling called to serve as a Life Coach, Jennifer speaks to you from her own experience: “When the vision for you to create change is far greater than the opinions of what the world expects from you, then it’s time to honor what you are meant to do. You can create a lasting impact by tapping into the innate wisdom and experiences of your life. Your presence does matter and what you have to offer the world is needed!”

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