Janet Lee Brings Coaching Principles in to the Kitchen to Cook up Positive Change

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/6/20 8:00 AM


When she’s not in SWIHA’s teaching kitchen supervising and inspiring future Nutrition coaches, Janet Lee has her own thriving business, A Healthy Journey, which combines her passion for health with Life Coaching principles to assist her clients in leading fulfilling, wellness-centered lives.

“I welcome curious individuals willing to explore what is not working in their lives. Encouragement, education and excitement are shared to open up to new possibilities, creativity and opportunity for health, happiness and wholeness!” Janet explains.

Janet is also a SWIHA graduate, and had previously spent time teaching food and nutrition classes and educating patients in a cancer treatment center before enrolling in the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner program.

“Life coaching would have been useful in a past life while in the corporate setting for many years,” she admits, “I really enjoyed the Life Coaching program at SWIHA and love how versatile it is with any modality. I appreciate the holistic approach at SWIHA; it fits in with my values of seeing the whole person.”

Janet described Life Coaching as “a conversation where a safe container is created for all involved to share and be who they are with no changing themselves.”

“It is a wonderful place to learn, to have the opportunity to speak out about challenges and fears as well as gain support to take the next best step in the journey of discovery,” she says, “Life Coaching is a collaboration, an unfolding of what is, a chance to explore new possibilities and with support, and to put a plan together to reach the next milestone.”

Janet’s favorite part of being a Life Coach is experiencing the 'aha' in a person: “Through curiosity and looking at different perspectives, a new approach or experiment may be just what someone needs. It's a beautiful fit with Nutrition Coaching or any modality since we all communicate and have the desire to be heard and seen. Life Coaching helps do that in an amazing and wonderful way.”

Join Janet on SWIHA’s Facebook at 12PM AZ time every Monday in January for Live discussions celebrating Life Coaching Month!

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