Janelle Timmons Learned to Ask the Right Questions and Follow Her Path

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 11/21/19 3:00 PM

Janelle Timmons has held many positions her life: a successful massage therapist for fifteen years, a counselor and case-manager working with drug addicts and severely mentally ill persons, and healing bodies as a massage therapist.

“I had a lot of knowledge, yet it wasn't being integrated in the correct way,” she says, “I was missing some valuable tools that I wasn't aware that I was missing. One of the things I know, from working in the personal growth and mental health field, is that it is so important to acknowledge that there are always things that we do not know.”


She knew she wanted to continue making a difference in the lives of others, and with her counseling and bodywork experience, becoming a professional life-coach seemed like the logical next step. In honor of some personal losses, Janelle dedicated her next venture to the memory of her loved ones and decided that the time was “NOW!”  and enrolled in the Life Coaching program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

“The women in my family never did what they really wanted to do in their lives, and I decided that I needed to change that story,” she tells us, “I had people telling me that I didn't need more education; yet I felt very strongly about the SWIHA program giving me more education and credibility as a coach. Once I started the program, literally the first night, I knew I was ‘home’ and that I was on the right path.”

“I am passionate about this modality because it creates a space for people to really dig deep within themselves and come up with their own answers to questions they may not have even thought to ask themselves,” she explains, “I believe people always have the answers within themselves, they just need to be asked the right questions in order to create a life that makes sense and is filled with joy.”

Janelle has a successful Bowenwork practice that now includes Transformational Life-Coaching and Mediation. “I decided recently to add the Mediation to my Coaching Practice,” Janelle tell us, “I have experience in couples mediation, and corporate mediation as well, with a degree in Mediation from the Oregon State Bar Association.”

In addition, she works with addicts getting to the root of why they feel the need to use substances. She says: “It always has to do with negative beliefs they have about themselves and/or others. When they find out why, then they can recover. I know a lot about the resources for addicts as well, so I am able to refer out if need be, for any of their other psychological and/or physical needs.”

Janelle knows the skills she learned at SWIHA have made her better equipped to answer and ask the hard questions that help clients have a better understanding of themselves. “I love watching someone's personal light bulb go off in their head regarding a particular topic in their personal or professional lives. It is very rewarding to make a difference in someone's life in this manner,” Janelle expresses.

Her message to those feeling drawn to SWIHA? “Just go for it! If you have any doubts about doing a program at SWIHA, this probably means that you are supposed to do that class or program. Do not let your doubts or insecurities make the decision for you. Just know that if you take the Life Coaching program at SWIHA, you will never be the same. There will be so much forward movement in you life, you will be astounded!”

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