Jamey Martell Transforms Thoughts and Refines Minds Through Holistic Healing Arts

Posted by Jade Marvin on 6/3/21 4:00 PM

Pay attention to the things you are naturally drawn to. They are often connected to your path, passion, and purpose in life. Have the courage to follow them” - Ruben Chavez

Through life's trials and tribulations, it is easy to want to give up or simply move on. To diverge from the path in front of you. It is difficult for many to stay on the path they were destined for or to pave their own path that will ultimately lead to their success and happiness in life. Jamey Martell came from a not-so-easy life that eventually led her to SWIHA. For Jamey, she was able to push through many of life's curve balls. Jamey Martell is a unique and strong graduate from SWIHA who is ready to share her story and help others along the way.


Martell asserts, “My life before SWIHA was a bit topsy turvy to say the least. I was experiencing my second divorce while raising three children and transitioning into a new tiny little apartment that I could barely afford on my own. I had been suffering from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and feeling completely lost. I would say it was the mid stages of an awakening. I was getting my new beginnings, learning to meditate and understand my spiritual beliefs, emotions, and toxic cycles”. Jamey realized she wanted to seek something more meaningful in her life. She wanted to invest and heal herself while also gaining an education to be able to help others through their journeys as well. Jamey states, “I came across SWIHA on Instagram. I’ll never forget the feeling as if I had totally manifested this into my realm of reality. I got the gut instinct to submit my info as soon as I saw the ad on Instagram” she continues, “I chose the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner program because I saw myself as wanting to be a motivator or an advocate for others who maybe experienced the same things as I had. I am a people person and a natural leader so I had no doubt that I could be completely fulfilled with being this type of practitioner. I felt as if it was the answer to the calling that I felt so deeply”.

Jamey explains that she felt that she was on her right path when she purchased her first books for the program. In that moment, it became real that she was starting this new journey for herself. That it was just the beginning of her entering her true potential and becoming the healer she knew she was capable of being all along. Jamey illustrates, “It hit me like a ton of bricks when those books were in my hands”.

I don’t think I really believed that I knew I was on the right path until I was one month away from graduating. I experienced many times of wanting to give up on my journey. It wasn’t easy being a single mom, working two jobs and attending online school. I questioned and doubted my abilities so many times. It was quite magical to me how synchronization would show up in each of my classes though, it seemed that every time that I would become discouraged my class would have something that would help me with exactly what I needed in that moment. It was fascinating and beautiful how I always had exactly what I needed and right when I needed it”.

Jamey Martell’s life has changed for the better. She is now the proud owner of Refined Mind LLC where she works one on one with clients offering: life coaching sessions, tarot and oracle readings, Auriculotherapy, and Aromatherapy. She also offers private group sessions for ceremonies and healing rituals. Jamey has been working hard on growing her social media presence through her YouTube channel, website and Instagram. During the day, Jamey is working as a full-time dental assistant with her business of spiritual coaching on the side. Jamey has a sedulous pursuit to relaunch her updated website and marketing projects to expand her reach. She elucidates, “Personally I am taking things day by day, one thing at a time, while fully embracing the state of flow. Everything is always working out for me and I fully believe and receive this truth!

Refined Mind LLC is all about “helping those who have experienced trauma in their lifetime, those who are seeking purpose in their life, individuals wanting to find themselves, and also individuals that want to learn about their own spiritual gifts and abilities”.

Jamey’s time at SWIHA taught her many things. Martell points out, “The greatest lesson that I learned while at SWIHA is that I am love and I am capable of giving while also receiving love. My entire time at SWIHA I felt love from every team member and student. I felt worthy, I felt empowered, understood, and heard. I realized that it’s all up to me in how I am going to choose to respond to anything and everything I am presented with. I am no longer reacting to situations; rather I am stopping, observing, listening, and taking action based on a higher perspective and from a place of intuition, as well as logic. I’ve learned to balance my internal state of being which in turn balanced my external state of being”.


Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma is designed to provide a comprehensive education in mind-body-spirit integration while reflecting the changing trends of the wellness and healthcare industry. Learn to help others optimize their well-being and become empowered to make healthier choices with cutting edge insights from the intersection of allopathic and integrative approaches to healing. Our online and on-campus diploma options offer foundational courses in business development, entrepreneurship, and transpersonal psychology with customizable elective specialties that let YOU choose your own path of service.

Next Start Dates:

Online - August 30, 2021

On Campus- September 17, 2021

Jamey Martell leaves us with her words of wisdom, “Do it! Don’t doubt yourself! Don’t be afraid to just do it! This is not just another school filled with critical perspective and harsh grading standards and an overload of boring assignments. This school is a life changer and it’s filled with so many amazing people that are willing and capable to see you all the way through. This school is filled with individuals just like you, that can understand you, and make you feel part of a bigger purpose!

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