Intuitive Coach Jessica Loupe Let Spirit Lead Her Path to SWIHA

Posted by Jade Marvin on 8/19/21 4:00 PM

“Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day-in, day-out. And working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” - Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth

Great Graduate Jessica Loupe graduated from SWIHA’s Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Program with an emphasis in Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching. Jessica asserts, “I could not be happier that I decided to take these courses through the IHAP program! I am so grateful to have joined SWIHA. I would not be where I am today if it were not for this school. SWIHA has made me realize that my dreams can be turned into goals, and my goals turned into reality. My future goal is to create a holistic retreat center, where anyone can go to easily get any holistic service available. I give myself 5-7 years to make this a reality, follow me on my journey!


My life before SWIHA was in a brief pause. I had just graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology, just a few months prior to joining SWIHA, with my intention to get my Master's in Marriage and Family Counseling. However, it was during the months after having graduated from my previous school that I realized something just wasn't feeling right about my thought-out plan for my career.” Jessica continues, “My intuition kicked into high gear and really made sure I was paying attention to the signs I was receiving from spirit. I remember vividly being at work one day when all of a sudden spirit told me to look online for a school that strictly worked with spirituality and counseling of the like. And low and behold, SWIHA was the FIRST school that popped up online for me to see. Once I quickly looked at the website, I knew this is what spirit was talking about, and where I was meant to be.

Jessica explains how she will forever say that spirit/universe brought her to SWIHA. With the IHAP program being available online, Jessica Loupe was able to complete her education from Southern California. With all that the program had to offer, and being able to customize her program to fit her needs, goals, and dreams - Jessica was ecstatic to start her journey of her newfound calling that felt right all along.

The best way to explain why I am so passionate about Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy is because I know that my drive and passion in life is to help bring others into their own version of "truth," and live it without fear. I am here on this Earth to spread love, understanding of self-love and care, intuitive guidance, and connection to all that is, for anyone that is choosing to do so.

Jessica states that her biggest defining moment throughout this journey was when her spirit guides brought to her the idea of creating her own holistic healing business. Jessica goes on to declare that this experience really taught her how to pay attention and connect with Source. Jessica expresses, “Source/Universe send off so many messages to us on a daily basis, and it is then up to us if we acknowledge and tune into it or not. On that specific day for me, I chose to listen to these messages, which led me to SWIHA that exact same day.

My life has significantly changed because I found my purpose through SWIHA, through GRIT, through determination, through trust, and through my passion of helping guide those who are seeking to live in their ‘truth’." Jessica elucidates how SWIHA was able to educate her on the pieces that she would need to build the foundation of her holistic healing business she was determined to create. With this education, Jessica felt ready to put her dreams into action. Jessica relays, “The classes I took with SWIHA have been the most profound for me, out of any and all of the educational classes I have taken in the past. The reason for this is because the classes at SWIHA teach you to awaken, inspire, look within, and see just how special and truly magical you are. There is a reason why we are all here. We all have a very important purpose in this life, and it is up to us to see what that is.

Now that Jessica has graduated from SWIHA, she is focusing on herself and the growth of her business Align Within. In addition to putting in effort for her growing business, Jessica is a full-time preschool teacher. Jessica expresses, “I am so very proud of myself for what I have created so far and so excited to see what else comes into place with the business. I also am looking forward to the day when I can officially switch over to my business, with generating income and leave my old job behind. I am going to keep pushing for this!

Jessica’s business Align Within focuses on integrating holistic healing practices such as Intuitive Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Healing, and more. Jessica believes in creating a safe space for anyone who is looking for guidance and healing within themselves, as they seek guidance in navigating what it means to live their authentic truth. “I passionately show my clients just how dedicated I am to guiding them into their own ‘ah-ha’ moments, while we go through what it is that they are choosing to work on. I keep my clients on track with impactful sessions, and take away opportunities for them to keep reaching for.”

The greatest lesson I learned while at SWIHA, is to live life with passion and GRIT. I never really understood what GRIT really meant until my classes with SWIHA, and it seemed like every class had some GRIT intertwined into it, which was so powerful to me. There were times during my schooling, where I didn't want to keep going, and just give up. Yet, the universe synced up each coursework lesson with something so profound for me to take in and embed into me to not give up. I took my GRIT with me and discovered myself in so many ways that have pushed me into the limelight of my own vision.”

During Jessica’s time at SWIHA, she touches on the profound impact that her instructor, Linda Bennett, had on her experience. Jessica states, “It is through her that I gained my confidence in pursuing Hypnotherapy as a part of my career. She left me with so much critical, informative and positive commentary on every single piece of my work and project that I turned in to her. She always made sure that she answered any questions if I had any, and still checked in on me if I didn't. I was quickly able to catch on to the pieces that make her so unique and gifted in what she does.

Now having graduated, and moving on to growing her business, Jessica leaves future students with this message: “To any and all future SWIHA students, this journey of schooling will definitely test you in all of the right places where your inner self is going to communicate with you and show you your fullest potential. Every class, every single assignment is geared for you, you will better understand this when you are in it. Trust in the process, and give it your all. Do your best to complete all the readings, assignments, projects, and anything else that requires you to focus and step out of your comfort zone, because it is then that you will see the power of who you truly are.

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Connect with Jessica Loupe:

Email: Jessica@AlignWithinLLC.com

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alignwithinyou/

Website: https://www.alignwithinyou.com/

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