How Yoga Therapy Helps Coco Taylor Spread the Wisdom of Yoga to Others

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I am completely devoted to sharing the wisdom of yoga with the world for the rest of my life. As soon as I graduate I am going back to India for the first time, with my baby, and we are going to continue to embody the teachings forever. This is a lifelong journey.

After completing 500 hours of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, Coco Taylor discovered SWIHA when she returned home. Coco felt deeply infatuated by the yoga programs offer at SWIHA. Coco seemingly couldn't get them out of her head for the next two years as she relocated to live in New Zealand. While living abroad, Coco found herself thinking about SWIHA every day. “One day, I finally decided to put what I was doing there on pause, and answer my soul calling to study yoga therapy at such a magical school. I left my friends, job, and all my belongings. Booked a flight back to Phoenix, and moved in with my parents so I could begin my journey at SWIHA from the bottom up!

I am so passionate about yoga therapy because I always knew there was so much more wisdom behind yoga other than the asanas (postures). I have traveled to India 3 times and see how the yogis live and could only imagine that we skim the surface with how deep it can go. Yoga therapy is a holistic approach to applying yogic medicine to your life. Viewing the entire person, mind-body, and spirit as a manifestation of the Divine.”

It can sometimes be hard to really know if you are on the right path in life or not. This question oftentimes boggles a lot of people. However, for Coco, this was no question. She felt she knew she was on the right path because “no matter how much I would try to deny the calling, telling myself that I wasn’t ready, or maybe I was just meant to be taught and not teach, it kept coming up in my life that I am supposed to share these ancient teachings. I feel like I was chosen through my spirit, and it is my duty to keep the traditions of yoga alive today.”

A lot of students go through transformational healing when they go through our yoga teacher training programs. There is a lot of healing, and holding space for oneself, before one can go out and help others heal through yoga. Coco asserts, “I have healed in ways that I never would believe were possible. I see life through entirely different lenses now. I trust my intuition and I know I am always exactly where I need to be, in each moment. Yoga reminds me of my inner strength, stability, power, and divinity.”

Coco is still studying Yoga Therapy, meanwhile teaching weekly Hatha and Nidra classes at a local yoga studio. Coco is also teaching private yoga classes, and is super excited to be planning a yoga retreat! “I am still working on growing my private practice, and I plan on working in a therapeutic setting where the client has a full assessment and receives lifestyle management, yogic practices, and goal setting.”

Looking back, the greatest lesson Coco learned while at SWIHA was to not give up. Coco explains, “There is a huge reason why every single person was called to this school, and our minds tend to create stories or bring up samskaras (impressions) from the past, that try to stop us from experiencing our greatness. My advice is to keep showing up, trust in the divine, and know that something great is being created for yourself every single day.”

Coco’s advice for future and/or potential SWIHA students is “You felt the call!! The spirit has spoken! Pick up the phone.

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts gives you the opportunity to study and practice an authentic expression of yoga with a transformational approach that honors a diversity of practices and belief systems. Our Yoga Teacher Training program embraces the principle of yoga as a unifying tool for creating health, well-being, and a deep spiritual connection. Experience our profound trifecta of structure, freedom, and support as you walk your chosen path while integrating living yoga into your life.

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