How Intuitive Are You? Find Your Strongest Intuitive Skill/Clair

Posted by Jade Marvin on 10/21/21 4:00 PM

With intuition, some refer to it as a gut feeling, instinct, foresight or just a certain knowing that they have within themselves. Regardless, everyone is born with intuition. It can be really easy, and more common than you may realize for people to not trust their intuition or themselves. Especially at the beginning of a spiritual journey or life transition, it can become difficult not to compare how ‘profound’ your experience is to the person next to you.

How do you even become more attuned to your intuition? What does that inner knowing feel like to you? How come I experience intuition differently from the person next to me? All of these questions can be answered by learning what your strongest Intuition skill (or Clair) is. The four Clairs are: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Claircognizance.

Discovering the four Clairs of intuition


Clairvoyance or “Clear Seeing”: This is the most metaphorical of the Clairs. Using the sixth chakra, or third eye, people who are Clairvoyant usually see images, short movies, pictures and/or other types of visuals in their head. It is very common that strong Clairvoyant people often have very vivid dreams.


Clairsentience or “Clear Feeling: This form of intuition is when someone is able to feel or physically sense information in their body. Often people use the term “I had a gut feeling”. A Clairsentient person can feel this anywhere in their body, and often will absorb other people’s feelings as well.


Clairaudience or “Clear Hearing: Technically, we all talk to ourselves. We can all relate by having conversations in our heads about almost anything and everything. This form of intuition is the ability to hear that voice inside your head, warning you of trouble, for example. Yet, we also often hear our egos chattering away at our confidence. The difficult part of this form of intuition is deciphering between intuitive guidance and egoic voices.


Claircognizance or “Clear Knowing: Those who are Claircognizant, often have a clear knowing or understanding of something right away. They receive intuitive information in the form of a “hunch” or through the impression that they already know the answer to something. This can often be the strongest form of intuition, as those who are Claircognizant are often very confident of themselves and trust their intuition.

What Type of Intuitive Are You?

After discovering the Clairs of intuition, you may be beginning to have a better understanding of each, and how you experience each one in your life. Remember, you are born with all four of these, however, one or two will be innately stronger or feel more natural. Once you determine which of these that is, you can begin your journey of strengthening this intuitive ability and become more attune to your intuition.

Intuition, “The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning” (Oxford Dictionary). Becoming more attuned to your intuition can be so valuable. The more you practice “listening” to your intuition, in whatever form that comes most naturally to you, the stronger your intuition develops and can transform the rest of your life. Author Atherton Drenth of The Intuitive Dance elaborates, “When I stopped expecting things to happen in a certain way, I was able to develop a deeper connection to my intuition. Accepting how I knew what I knew helped me to dramatically reduce how I reacted to the world. It showed me that there was a difference between the inner crazy my ego created and the inner calm that my intuition offered.”


Recognizing how you are intuitive is the first step! Below is the ‘Discovering Your Dominant Intuitive Skill Quiz’ from The Intuitive Dance, which is also the textbook for IG 101: Introduction to Intuitive Guidance here at SWIHA. Take a deep breath, release all expectations and answer the questions honestly. Answer A, B, C or D - However, you can have more than one answer for each question, so circle each that resonates with you the most.

Discovering Your Dominant Intuitive Skill Quiz

Question 1: When you return from a vacation, are you more apt to describe:

  1. What you saw? ( Scenery, architecture, people, culture)
  2. How you felt? (Relaxed, happy, miserable, smell of the flowers)
  3. What you heard? ( Music, conversations, wildlife, sounds of the ocean)
  4. What you learned about the area? (Customs, history, museums, language)

Question 2: When you finish watching a movie, are your first thoughts about:

  1. The cinematography, clothes, scenery? (Feel like you are immersed in the story)
  2. The emotions you felt? (Laughed until I cried, sad, tense, frustrated)
  3. The sound track? (Loved the music, aware of every sound or track played, bought the soundtrack)
  4. The message in the movie? (Symbolism, concepts, accuracy of the story)

Question 3: When you plan your next vacation, will you pick locations based on:

  1. Visuals? (Lush beaches, romantic villas, places to explore)
  2. How you feel in the moment? ( I need a vacation, stressed, anxious, have to get out of here, need to escape for a while)
  3. Activities (Musical events, concerts, guided tours)
  4. History (What can I learn? What can I do to help?)

Question 4: When you listen to the radio, do you:

  1. Visualize the singer and the band or remember images from the video?
  2. Really get into the music and feel it?
  3. Play along in your head and know every note or bar of music that is being played?
  4. Listen to the message? Is there a story or a meaning, or is it repetitive?

Question 5: When you read a book, are you:

  1. Inside the story? You can feel yourself and the characters having a conversation
  2. Feel the emotions of the characters and begin to identify with one or the group?
  3. Hear the sounds implied by the story? (Band music played in the background, the sound of the carriage on the cobblestone road, the roar of the lion or the sound of the sea crashing onto the beach)
  4. Looking for symbolism in the book? What is the author really trying to say? What is the moral of the story?

How to Interpret Your Answers:

If you answered __ for all five or majority of the questions

A: You are predominately a clairvoyant (clear seeing)

B: You are predominately a clairsentient (clear feeling)

C: You are predominately a clairaudient (clear hearing)

D: You are predominately a claircognizant (clear sensing)

If you find that you answered a variety of responses, look at the combinations and pick which one resonates with you the most and start focusing on that type to strengthen. If you are interested in learning more about intuition, and how to guide yourself and others to listen to their intuition, look into our Intuitive Guidance Program here at SWIHA!

Become an Intuitive Guide

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