How Alexandria Taft Followed Her Heart to Help Others with Customized Coaching Sessions

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Before I came to SWIHA I was very much steeped into one method of meditation in a close-knit community that surrounded it. However, it became a dogmatic life for me that eventually led me to suffer from being in a fixed mindset. After a 360 reality collapse, I began opening my mind to other things and intuitively leaning into a growth mindset. Which ultimately led me to SWIHA.

Great Graduate Alexandria Taft of the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma program, started her SWIHA journey in 2018. Over the span of about a year, Alexandria was talking to an Admissions Coach and found that the IHAP program was the right fit for her. Throughout that time frame, Alexandria was jumping between part-time jobs to serve as a second income for her family. Alexandria recalls, “Each job I took ended in emotionally challenging ways. I knew about setting boundaries and walking away from situations that were not in my best interest, yet I didn't know about the ways in which I was sabotaging myself. So I just knew that I was missing the way back to my authentic self” she continues, “SWIHA grabbed my attention with the way they explained that we were becoming instruments, not ego, of healing for others to find their true self. So I then took the plunge and signed up. And it was really the segue into a whole new reality of freedom and possibilities as well as a coming home to my soul.

There are many lessons and teachings that students gain while attending SWIHA. Oftentimes, students have gone through something transformational in their life, which brings them to SWIHA with the desire to help others go through similar situations they went through themselves. When Alexandria looks back at her time at SWIHA, she specifically recalls how her relationship with mother earth and her intuition have been strengthened. Alexandria states, “I have gained a fulfilling relationship with Mother Earth and wake up each day, go outside and say my prayers as I look at the sun rising. I attune myself with the cycles of the season and perceive the cyclical nature of this earth experience whooshing me inward to my soul's embrace through every wild crazy experience. Every experience is my teacher if I choose it to be and when I do the most dazzling gem of wisdom emerges making life even more magical.”

It has now been about two years since Alexandria graduated from her program. What is she up to now? She asserts, “I have needed all this time to integrate what I learned as well as keep applying it to myself to be in a place where I could really embody my abilities and desire to put myself out there with my authentic message. It really took time for me to continue to peel away so many layers of conditioning and get in touch with my essence and embrace all my parts.” Alexandria is now in a place in her life where she is ready to open her doors to coaching and healing online and in person. She really feels called to work with the body/subconscious mind and emotions. “Somatic work has brought me into a whole new rebirth of myself. It took me out of some slow creeping depression in a short time recently” says Alexandria.

I am looking to serve clients online at first until I attract a space that is just right for me to practice in. I would like to be a coach on demand, in other words, have a hotline people can call without an appointment and offer coaching per minute. I will also design e-courses and other products people can buy to help them with emotional regulation and living a life of beauty and spirituality. I offer a range of modalities like hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, aroma auriculotherapy, ceremony, prayer, embodiment and somatic practices, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Each session is a custom artisanal experience.”

Alexandria is so excited to start her new journey of helping others with the holistic modalities listed above. Alexandria would like to thank Laura Barnes, her first teacher at SWIHA, who taught life coaching. Alexandria explains, “I had never met a teacher who was so full of life. She was such an articulate and heartfelt communicator. She introduced me to so many authors that I read to this day that have transformed and given depth and dimension to my practice.”

If Alexandria had to give one piece of advice to future/potential SWIHA students it would be “Follow your intuition and heart about the timing and lean into being a student when you can give the most time and presence to the classes. It's all so worth it, you don't want to miss out on a moment.”

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