Holly Meyer’s Coaching Sessions are Centered Around Soul Connection

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/21/21 4:00 PM


“Life Coaching for me was a bridge to another part of myself and my higher calling,” explains Holly Meyer, “I was already successful and driven in my ‘day job’ and really enjoyed my role in business.”

Holly describes herself as someone who has always been a person that others seem comfortable opening up to: “Quite honestly, having gifts of being an empath with mediumship abilities has been an instrumental part of my success and ability to connect with so many throughout my life.”

She found herself seeking out more, and as she transitioned into other chapters of her life, the focus on her calling seemed to evolve. Holly eventually made the decision to enroll in Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ Life Coaching program: “The Life Coaching program allowed me to build a foundation of myself, for myself, so that I could integrate my psychic mediumship abilities into a more evolved practice as a healer,” she tells us.

In her business, Kindred Souls Coaching, her sessions are centered on the soul connection. Holly’s client base includes those seeking professional and personal support, spiritual guidance and self-development.

Holly shares: “We look at the farthest corners of self and the brightest of lights that emit from your soul. Their independence, acceptance, inner growth and peace to be found on the journey inward.”

She prefers to let the client and Spirit lead her as to what techniques and tolls may work best in each circumstance: “Each session is as individual as the soul that sits before me, none the same as another, but all equally beautiful.”

“Often I've found that the clients I work with already know the answers they seek to the questions they ask,” she continues, “They themselves are the answers, I'm just fortunate enough to hold connection with them while they embark on their journey of self-exploration.”

She has also modified her sessions with the emergence of the current public health crisis, getting comfortable with working by video conference: “I had always placed value in the human connection and worried that the session would not be as beneficial for my client and that I might fail them. What if my connection to the client and Spirit would not be as strong as it is in a face to face session?”

Holly reports that, to her surprise and joy, the connection was not lost: “I was reminded of the almighty power that the connection of soul and spirit can create,” she reflects.

When asked why she loves being a Life Coach, Holly tells us: “Bridging that gap for others, between soul and self, awareness and perception through the help of Spirit drives me to be more engaged in self, in practice, in community and in healing.”

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