Holistic Nutrition Coach Anthony Oliver Is Passionate About Inspiring & Educating Others

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 3/14/19 3:00 PM

Anthony Oliver has always loved science, nature, psychology and helping others, though he wasn’t always sure how to merge all of those things into a profitable future.

“The thing that led me to SWIHA was my mother, Veronica Oliver, because she had completed the Mind Body Wellness Practitioner program and is now a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,” he tells us, “She told me that I should consider taking nutrition classes through SWIHA, and intuitively it felt right to me.”


Anthony recently graduated from the Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner program and is awaiting examinations for his Behavior Modification Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist certifications. He says that SWIHA significantly changed his life in a multitude of ways: “I value myself much more than I did before because I know I have credentials now that make me marketable and I am more knowledgeable about holistic methods of healing.”

He was inspired to start his business, The Holistic Portal, to help people find the best methods to achieve their individual health goals. He offers online coaching through video chat and nutritional and psychological/emotional assessments and feedback to determine behavior alteration techniques with his clients.

“I want my clients to think of me as a virtual holistic wellness coach in their pocket that is at their service at all times,” he says, “I may have an agreement with a client to screenshot their Fitness app showing that they reached a certain health milestone. I also reward my clients by giving them a complimentary Clinical Hypnotherapy session with my mother at the end of the week if the client succeeded in the agreed-upon health goals.”

“The skills I learned at SWIHA supports my work because the courses have given me a greater understanding of how the body, mind, and spirit of a person are affected by nutrition and other lifestyle factors. That knowledge helps me aid clients efficiently on their journey to greater well-being.”

The greatest lesson Anthony learned at SWIHA is that you must work with a balance between the heart and head to “hold space” and give clients time and opportunity to say something vital to to the coaching session. He also discovered that writing can be a great influential tool when it comes to helping educate, inform and modify the behavior of clients.

Anthony has this to offer to aspiring Healers: “My advice to future SWIHA students would be to make sure not to procrastinate on assignments and projects, because doing work last-minute tends to not be as high-quality work as assignments that you started at the beginning at the week and gradually took your time on. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ever!”

Anthony hopes to continue to grow The Holistic Portal by incorporating energy healing in the near future! You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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