Holistic Entrepreneurship: Living Your Purpose

Posted by Dajon Ferrell on 9/30/14 5:01 AM

Dajon Ferrel

Being a holistic entrepreneur means there is no separation between your love, life, work and spirituality. It’s a way of life that lends to serving in whatever capacity you’re living in that very moment.

It's diving into that path that makes your heart sing; your Divine calling. The realization that you want more than to be a human doing, but to live in your truth as a human Being.

Holistic Living is Trending

The holistic way of living seems to be hitting mainstream more than ever. Have you noticed how many of the big brand names have started incorporating motivational saying and quotes into their branding?

More people are seeing that the typical 9-5 and living for the weekend is no longer status quo. We’re stepping into living lives that are more aware and more present than ever before. It as if we’re replacing T.G.I.F. with T.G.I.Today! I see more and more people turning to meditation, instead of medication.

Although the field is more open to holistic forms of healing and more open-minded to the service of light workers, there are still challenges or opportunities for growth. It can be scary stepping out into the world of entrepreneurship, however it doesn’t have to be. You can dip your toe or jump right in. Here are some reasons people give for being nervous about stepping into holistic life paths.

1. Fear of not having financial stability

Motivational BrandingIf all you’ve known is a traditional 9-5 or a job that deposits xx amount into your bank account every two weeks, stepping away from that might appear irresponsible or scary.

a) It’s time to do some soul-searching. What are you truly here to do? What way do you want to show up in the world. If you truly believe that your gift is massage therapy or life coaching, then step into that from a place of power and service. The Universe will guide and support you along this path.

b) You can start slowly. Keep the security of your job and build your business. There’s nothing that says you need to put in your two weeks as soon as you have that ‘A-HA’ moment and realize your purpose. Have fun with the journey! You’ll know when you’re ready.


2. Fear of not having proper training and experience

When I first started teaching mindfulness classes, I was nervous that people would attend the class and get nothing out of it. I remember my first class having women that were my mother’s age and thinking to myself, “I’m too young to teach them anything.” It sounds silly now, but my fear had kicked in. An hour later, sweaty armpits and all, I was giving hugs to these wonderful ladies and in awe of the amazing connection we all had to one another.

a) You have to start somewhere. You can start by hosting classes from your home. They could be free or for an energy exchange. Ask friends to let you practice on them or even begin to build a group by starting a blog. You can post once a week and start to network through social media.

b) Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You might have your eye set on that Hypnotherapy class at SWIHA or maybe it’s a local workshop. Start investing in yourself. Have a jar in your home or a separate savings account that allows you to save a scheduled amount each week. Create a vision board. Blessings happen every day. Put it out in to the Universe and start taking the action steps toward living your purpose.

Thank God It's Today3. Fear of what family and friends might think

Some people have been raised in a family that is more traditional when it comes to spirituality and healing modalities. They might seem unsupportive or close-minded. I’ve had clients who didn’t want to feel isolated or ostracized. Some even feel this way at their workplace, like they’re living two separate lives.

a) Our family is important to us, however, we all have different journeys. It’s important to dive deep within yourself and realize what your truth is. Some people will fall away and some will stay. Remember that you’ve been given your gifts for a purpose and part of that might be related to your experiences with your Earth family. Trust in you!

Fear is merely a lack of love

This life is about us expanding and growing our souls. There are challenges, however only you can decide to change that challenge into an opportunity for growth. We can choose to make decisions based on fear or love. The fear is merely a lack of love and we can choose to flip it whenever. It’s all a choice.

"When you find your gifts, you find your purpose." -Richard Seaman, SWIHA Instructor & Master Life Coach

Each day that we wake-up is an opportunity to step into our gifts and graces, to raise them up and to cultivate consciousness in the world around us. The more we stand up and shine our lights as holistic entrepreneurs, the more we empower others to shine their lights. Shine on!

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Dajon FerrellAbout the Author Dajon Ferrell

A former SWIHA student, Dajon is also a Mind Body Spirit Practitioner with a passion for graphic design. Starting her spiritual journey after being diagnosed with PTSD in the military led Dajon on a mission to help others shine their lights bright through Dajon Smiles based in Minnesota.

You can also find Dajon on the Dajon Smiles Facebook page.

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