Helping Women Heal: Reane Russell Defined Her Niche & Cultivated A Successful Coaching Venture

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/19/19 8:00 AM

Reane Russell was searching for a purpose. All she knew at that time was that she wanted to help people, give back to the community, master her own healing, and make money doing it. She began researching career paths, programs and schools that matched her heart song, but began to get discouraged when none of them fully resonated.


“I was almost ready to give up. I simply could not find a program that felt right,” she tells us, “Until one morning at about 2AM, I discovered SWIHA. Within a few moments of exploring the website, my heart was on fire. For the first time in my life, I was looking at college program that filled me with passion, joy, and had a profitable outlook! I called admissions the next day and enrolled immediately!”

Life Coaching ignited major change for Reane on a deeply personal level:Life Coaching radically transformed me. In the process of studying, I was coached by myself and my peers. I discovered my purpose, my strengths, where I needed healing, and how I could create the life of my dreams. It gave me the confidence and power to leave a five-year long toxic relationship, move eight hundred miles away with my two-year-old, build my own business, and manifest the life I used to think was unattainable!”

She adds: “Even if I had never become a coach, the effects that the program had on my personal life was worth the investment tenfold.”

Reane created her own business, Wombman Healing, working with women seeking to align and awaken the Sacred Feminine. Her clients are women who feel the shift towards the divine and are seeking to apply that shift into their own lives.

“I help women gain clarity around their own endeavors, develop a magical mindset, and devise aligned actions to manifest their goals,” she says, “I use several modalities, such as meditation, visualization, oracle card readings, and gemstones. I sell a variety of products such as yoni steam herbs and menstrual cups. And I also have a virtual personal growth book club that allows women to connect and evolve with other like minded individuals.”

Reane’s favorite coaching question is: ““What would it feel like if ______ already happened?”

“So often clients will say exactly what is they want and then follow up with excuses why they can't or shouldn't,” explains Reane, “Asking them to tap into the feeling of already having it activates their magical mindset and allows them to see how much they actually can and should have it!”

“I would say my biggest advice would be to narrow down who you want to serve. Being the coach who helps any and everybody is not a sustainable business, creates burn out, and takes away from your soulmate clients!” she affirms, “If you have a passion for personal growth, want to help others and are willing to leave your comfort zone frequently, life coaching is for you!”

Helping Women Heal

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