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Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/30/19 8:00 AM

Liana Salas was guided to SWIHA’s Life Coaching program while on a soul-journey of her own.

She had struggled with her weight in her teens and early twenties, and told herself she’d be happy after she released the weight and unhealthy habits.

“On my own, through nutrition and exercise, I lost over 80 pounds,” she says, “and I still wasn’t happy. I realized I was looking to circumstances outside myself for my happiness. As long as I stayed on that path, I would never be content.“Liana-Salas-SWIHA-Life-Coaching-Month-feat

Liana began reading books and taking courses on personal development and spirituality. As she began transforming her own life in positive ways, it became clear that her purpose was to help others create their own transformations as well. She discovered the field of positive psychology and its focus on thriving in life and enhancing positive aspects resonated with her.

“I worked with several life coaches and discovered its amazing power,” Liana explains, “My bachelor’s degree is in psychology, and it gave me a great foundation in behavior change to build on. I began looking for a Life Coaching program and found SWIHA. I loved that the program took a holistic, spirited-centered approach and focused on personal transformation as well as the tools to transform others. When I walked into the lobby and saw the words ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ on the wall, I knew I was in the right place.

While attending SWIHA, she also completed a Certificate in Nutrition for Fitness and Wellness at a community college, as well as became an ACE Certified Health Coach and earned multiple fitness certifications, including becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher! She now has her own coaching practice, teaches fitness and yoga classes and works as a flight attendant.

I’ve also co-authored two books,” she adds, “‘Living Your Purpose with Sunny Dawn Johnston and Friends’ and ‘111 Morning Meditations: Create Your Day with Intention’ which features my own ‘Dreamcatcher’ meditation.”

Through her business, Dreamcatcher Coaching®, Liana helps clients become conscious creators with a mindset to manifest their best life. They work together to create an action plan to have more fun and fulfillment in their current lives while they work towards their biggest dreams.

“I ensure health and fitness is a part of their plan, because our bodies allow us to live our dreams!” says Liana, “I offer one-on-one coaching and have online group coaching and workshops throughout the year. I offer personalized online fitness training programs and will soon be teaching online fitness classes.”

Liana’s biggest lesson from her education at SWIHA was to acknowledge her gifts.

“You don’t have to see the whole path,” she affirms, “just follow your joy, continue learning, growing and being your best self. Possibilities beyond what you imagine will happen for you!”

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