A Guide to Substituting With Gluten-Free Flours

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 9/30/19 3:00 PM


The fast-approaching holiday season means time with friends and family, laughter and gifts, and—of course—lots of baked goods!

Many people are opting to go gluten-free because of sensitivity issues, to reduce inflammation, or simply because they’ve noticed a positive change by reducing or eliminating foods containing gluten.  However, going gluten-free doesn’t mean missing out on delicious treats! Today, we’ll take a look at a few of the widely-available flour options that are friendly to this dietary need.


Oat Flour

  • Helps lower LDL cholesterol
  • Rich in protein, phosphorus, magnesium and B-vitamins
  • Results in a chewy, crumbly texture
  • Produces moist baked goods
  • Slightly reduce liquid components when substituting  with oat flour

Coconut Flour

  • High in lauric acid and fiber
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Yields results similar to wheat flours
  • Has a mild coconut flavor
  • Slightly increase liquid components when substituting with coconut flour

Almond Flour

  • Rich in iron, calcium, potassium and Vitamin E
  • Can be used in place of breadcrumbs
  • Produces denser baked goods
  • Has a nutty flavor
  • Add an extra egg for lightness when substituting with almond flour

Rice Flour

  • High in fiber, protein, B-vitamins and lignans
  • Great for “breading” foods and thickening sauces
  • Considered a “whole-grain flour”
  • Slightly nutty flavor
  • Combine with other flours if using for baked goods

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