Go Smudge Yourself: A Ritual for Mercury Retrograde

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 7/11/19 3:00 PM


Have you been noticing communication issues, technological mishaps, or difficulty with your emotions lately? Yep, it’s true: We are in Mercury Retrograde until July 31st. Fear not! There is a simple ceremony that may help relieve some of the tension.

Smudging is an ancient Indigenous American ritual with thousands of years of history and the ability to powerfully cleanse energies. If you’re looking to reduce emotional and spiritual negativity in your body and living space, a smudging ritual is an excellent way to do so and Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time!

  • You will need a smudge stick, which is a handily bundled bunch of sage, white sage, cedar, copal, or sweetgrass, as well as a glass bowl or shell to catch ash. Traditionally, feathers are also incorporated as a fan. Many people will choose to hold or wear a significant item, such as an amulet or gemstone during the ceremony.
  • Say a prayer of your choosing as you light the smudge stick. Something simple will do, such as “Cleanse my space, make my mind clear. Only good may enter here.” Gently wave your herbs until the end begins to smoulder.
  • Begin at the front door and move clockwise around your space, holding your bowl or shell underneath the smudge stick. Give corners extra attention, as energies can easily accumulate there.
  • As you move through, visualize your intention for the ceremony. Thank your space for being a place of solace and safety, your body for the gifts it provides you, and your mind for it’s abundant ability to manifest.
  • Once you are through your space, smudge yourself! Direct the smoke around your body, beginning at the top of your head and circling the entire aural field. Breathe deeply and pay close care to not let any hot ash drop on you.
  • Sage has a masculine energy, so light some incense to balance your space with feminine energy.

The Scientific Benefits of Burning Sage:

Aside from being spiritually cleansing, burning sage also have some scientifically-proven benefits!  The ancient practice of burning herbs is much more than just a primitive belief, and our ancestors intuitively understood the benefits.

  • Research has shown that sage smoke has the ability to remove 94% of the bacteria present in the air.
  • Sage contains flavinoids, which have been shown to be beneficial to brain health and guard against memory issues and even Alzheimers.
  • Sage “super-charges” the air, releasing tons of negative ions which have been linked to positive improvement in mood.

Burn your sage for one hour to receive the full benefits of this amazing herbal ritual!

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