Gift Yourself a New Path in 2021: Holistic Wellness Programs Starting in January

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We believe that everyone has a calling, a purpose, and a path that their soul longs to take. Many people spend their entire life waiting for the "right time" to embark on the journey that they've been longing to take. Here's the secret: You can begin at any time! In the words of Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher and best-selling author: "Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life."

Peace and healing will be needed more than ever in 2021 and there's no better time to integrate healthy, holistic habits in to your own life. For almost thirty years, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts has helped thousands of students transform their life and outlook, then go on to create profitable practices helping others doing the same! Here are the SWIHA programs beginning in January 2021:

Financial Aid Eligible for Those who Qualify

Associates of Occupational Studies Degree in Holistic Health Care – Concentration in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology (on campus: January 15)

AdobeStock_356709180The Mind-Body Transformational Psychology degree program is designed with the understanding that complete wellness is a balance between mind, body and spirit. You will complete introductory classes such as Life Coaching and Holistic Nutrition, and tailor your own unique path by choosing additional areas of interest from a choices like Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, Guided Imagery, Polarity, Cranial Unwinding or Reiki, as well as exciting classes such as Crystal Healing, the Art and Science of Tarot, Toe Reading and more. Additionally, You’ll come to understand the neurobiology of the body in order to empower others and create pathways to healing while working with the nervous system

Financial Aid Eligible for Those who Qualify

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner (online: January 15, on campus: January 18)

Designed to provide a comprehensive education in mind-body-spirit integration while reflecting the changing trends of the wellness and healthcare industry, the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner program offers foundational courses in business development, entrepreneurship, and transpersonal psychology. You will also choose customizable elective specialties including Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Coaching and more, to follow your own path of service.

Massage Therapy (PM schedule: January 19)

AdobeStock_255947368For nearly three decades, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts has trained massage therapists for a variety of successful career paths. Our Massage Therapy program is unique in that, in addition to the core competencies required for licensing, you will also customize your electives to fit your personal vision with exciting options such as Polarity, Reiki, Aromatherapy, specialty massage classes & more. You’ll  be well equipped to create your own professional practice, rent and create space in a multi-use spa or health and wellness-provider building, or travel to clients’ homes or offices for private massage therapy sessions.

Western Herbalism (on campus: January 6)

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts' Western Herbalism program is one of the most comprehensive in the United States, focused on native flora and sustainable wild crafting practices. Through hands-on experience and thorough research, you will learn to serve as an herbal remedy produce, guide for plant exploration hikes, teacher of herbal agriculture, an herbal consultant or numerous other paths related to plant medicine.

Mind Body Wellness Practitioner (on campus: January 15)
As a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, you will assist in the healing of others using holistic specialties and professional coaching practices.You’ll come to understand the neurobiology of the body in order to empower others and create pathways to healing while working with the nervous system. In addition to fundamentals of Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy and Entrepreneurship courses, you will choose additional 
training in specialty areas that interest you most, such as Aromatherapy, Yoga, Reiki Intuitive Guide or other highly-sought after modalities

Looking for Personal Development or Interested in Exploring? Our Certificates are for You!

Our Certificates of Excellence are a great option for anyone feeling 'called' to holistic modalities or anyone looking to integrate spirituality and healing in to their life. Many of our certificates transfer in to larger diploma or degree programs if you choose to continue your path as a Holistic Practitioner. The certificates beginning in January 2021 are

How to Get Started

  1. Call (480) 994-9244 to schedule an appointment with your dedicated Admissions Coach, or email info@swiha.edu.
  2. Your appointment will be 30 minutes in length for phone appointments, or one hour if you would like to have a campus tour.
  3. Your Admissions Coach will be with you every step of the way, checking in and helping you from helping you choose a program, your initial questions, financial aid, and finally, your enrollment paperwork.

At Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, we are here to support you even beyond graduation. You will have lifetime access to our business center, entrepreneurial coaching, peer support groups and more!
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is following all health and safety protocols as recommended by the CDC and local health organizations. Click here for more information.

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