From Dreams to Reality: How Rebecca Merrill Found the Courage to Go After Becoming a Health & Wellness Coach

Posted by Jade Marvin on 6/2/22 4:00 PM


Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.” - Unknown

Sometimes, dreams can seem too big or scary to achieve. That the road and work will be long and hard, and sometimes even unachievable. Well, what if I told you the only thing standing in your way is you? Rebecca Merrill, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Great Graduate of the Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner Diploma program, didn’t let that stop her. Although the thoughts of not accomplishing her dreams and goals crossed her mind, she didn’t let that get in her way of living her true purpose of serving others in a meaningful way. Rebecca asserts, “Three years ago, I didn't think where I'm at now was possible. I'm proud of how far I've come and can't wait to see where this journey takes me next.”

I was working as a bartender and wanted more out of my life. I knew I was meant for more and I had always had a passion for food and nutrition. SWIHA was on my radar because I had explored the yoga program previously. Holistic nutrition was my main interest, yet it always seemed out of reach, too big of a challenge to take on.” she continues, “When I chose to re-read the book ‘The Alchemist’, my path became clear. I still had to cross the desert, and the holistic nutrition program was my pyramids, my dream. The message of the book is that if you want something bad enough, the whole universe will strive to make it happen. I had to go for my dream and sign up for the program.”

Rebecca Merrill’s path aligned to enroll at SWIHA to study Holistic Nutrition. This huge step made Rebecca’s dreams that much more of a reality! She had the courage to go after what she wanted and made it happen. She knew she was in the right program for her and was super excited to let the journey begin! Now that she was enrolled, Rebecca was already thinking ahead! Rebecca elaborates, “I always really felt I was in the right program though I struggled to see what it would look like as a job. Much comes from having faith in the process without knowing the exact end.”

Like many other students, being in school can be a very busy time while trying to balance everything. Having work, school, assignments, family, friends, and more - can sometimes feel overwhelming to balance. However, Rebecca felt supported while being surrounded by other like-minded people! During school, Rebecca worked at a steakhouse. Rebecca elaborates, “After working as a bartender in a steakhouse while putting myself through nutrition school, I am relieved to be in a more wellness-promoting atmosphere. I really enjoy working with other like-minded people and clients who desire a healthy lifestyle. I still get to utilize my amazing skills at customer service, just in an environment more aligned with my personal goals.”

Upon finishing my program at SWIHA, I was hired as a health coach for a wellness center. It didn't exactly use my nutrition expertise; however, it gave me an opportunity for experience and growth. In only a year my position has grown and I have helped to spearhead their nutrition program. After only a year I am now the Nutrition Coordinator of the center and also the Assistant Manager.

Although Rebecca has already accomplished so much after graduating from the program, her end goal remains the same - to establish her own nutrition consulting business. “Right now I am using my current employment opportunity to prepare for the NANP board exam and gain experience” states Rebecca.

While reflecting back on her time during school, Rebecca recalls a lesson that made a big impact on her experience and learning journey. She elaborates, “In the first business class, we read ‘The Upside of Stress’. I remember the quote "...through increased challenge comes increased learning". I think of that quote often as it helps anytime I am faced with a challenge to remember there are lessons learned.”

Rebecca’s advice for any future and/or potential SWIHA students is: “Don't let anything hold you back from your dreams. If you work hard and put your best foot forward in all you do, success will come!

Become a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

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