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Posted by Jade Marvin on 10/14/21 4:00 PM

The final stage of healing is using what happens to you to help other people. That is healing in itself.” - Gloria Steinem 

Amanda Beatty, soon to be Great Graduate of the Associates of Occupational Studies Degree in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology, began her healing journey here at SWIHA which led to her passion for serving others. Amanda declares, “I am empowered and regulated. I believe in myself and my worth. I have boundaries and truly love and respect myself. Because of these tools and modalities, I feel called and capable to serve others in a way that I believe in. The journey that started solely for me and my family has grown into a business where I can serve and help others in my community and beyond.”


Outside of her education and business practice, Amanda is a mother to three boys and celebrating 17 years with her husband. Amanda proclaims, “My family is the passion that fuels my fire and purpose. I also love being in nature, camping with friends and family, creating pottery and other forms of art, as well as dancing, cleaning, and singing in the car! I love to have fun while also diving deep into all this human life has to offer.

Complementary to Amanda’s degree, she is specializing in Polarity therapy, Cranial Unwinding, Yoga Nidra, Shamanic Reiki, and Life Coaching. Amanda has found that what she was learning in her classes, she was able to apply to her personal life. Amanda states, “I have been on a holistic self-healing journey for 8 years, following the birth of my first son. My first steps into motherhood were filled with overwhelming anxiety, depression, and loneliness that brought up many childhood traumas to process and heal. Circling with women, experiencing two powerful home births, transformational breath work, coaching, and energy medicine, SWIHA helped me to fully integrate my process and learn from the challenges it presented, so I could begin to understand and heal from my experiences.” She continues, “Thus creating an environment where my family's past traumas no longer get passed on to the future generation. This journey into motherhood sparked my desire in becoming a Holistic Wellness Practitioner.

Always having this urge to help others, Amanda needed to find something that she believed in. Not only would she be helping others, she needed to do it in a way that she could connect with people on a deeper level to truly heal them. Amanda asserts, “My first class of polarity therapy changed my world. I felt at home. I went to nursing school after high school and had an unpleasant/traumatic journey that caused me to leave halfway through the program. I wanted to be caring and compassionate and actually help people heal - this was what I experienced in polarity therapy. Then I had a similar experience in yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra helped me to fully regulate my nervous system for the first time in my life.” These experiences at SWIHA allowed Amanda to be exposed to holistic modalities that healed her own life experiences as well as be able to put what she learned to use with her future clients.

And that she did. Amanda is the owner of Freedom of Expressions LLC and co-owner of The Healing Tree Collective which is ‘a sisterhood of mothers, linked together as practitioners and teachers with a common intention: to cultivate connection and healing in our community by creating a safe space to gather, learn, and grow. We believe everything we need is inside us and we need a village to bring all that goodness inside, OUT!’” With Freedom of Expressions, it is Amanda’s mission to empower women to turn on their inner ‘Creatrix’ and to live a life with passion and purpose. Amanda explains, “I do this through building community support, experiential coaching, and guiding women back home to their bodies and their true selves, so they can heal and realize the infinite possibilities this human life has to offer!” Amanda goes on to continue about how her own personal journey and her family inspired her business. Amanda already had that passion to help others, all she needed was the tools and that nudge to be able to do so, and that is what she was able to discover at SWIHA.

Amanda shares that the greatest lesson she ever learned at SWIHA was “Less is more! I'm a process junkie always chasing my next level of growth. The new mantra I created is ‘Regulate to Integrate’ we need to regulate, to integrate and create real, sustainable change in our lives.” Amanda goes on to state that she hasn’t had a teacher or class that wasn’t impactful to her as a SWIHA student. Although, if she had to choose, she did want to shout out Lisa Learn, Jenn Sanders, Kamini Desai, the Somatic Psychology classes, Coaching the Hero Within course, Brad Boute, James Patrick, Gary Strauss and so many more!

Lastly, Amanda’s advice to any future/potential students is, “Take time to regulate and integrate. Take time for yourself after class before landing back into the world of reality, work, family duties, etc. And stay grounded! It's easy to get lost in the ethers at this school.

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Get in touch with Amanda Beatty:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/FreedomofExpressions7

Instagram: @barefootandwild7

Website: https://www.freedomofexpressions.org/

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