Dr. Alisa Cooper Embraces an Integrative Approach

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/25/20 8:00 AM


“Life Coaching, to me, begins with helping someone clarify what they really want to be doing with their lives and helping them map out a plan to get there via a series of specific,attainable goals,” says Dr. Alisa Cooper, “It requires holding them accountable for taking action steps to get there. It also involves recognizing and overcoming the limiting beliefs that can lead to self sabotage and stagnation.”

Dr. Cooper is a practicing Nutritionist and Chiropractor who has always found herself attracted to the integrative, holistic approach to health and healing. She started out as a health coach, and found patients/clients wanted coaching that extended beyond physical ailments. She became a certified EFT/Tapping practitioner and incorporated that with great results, which led her to enroll in the Life Coaching certificate of excellence at SWIHA!

“I visited the school and it had a great vibe and even smelled good!” she says.

Dr. Cooper’s favorite Life Coaching tool is The Wheel of Balance: “It’s a great starting tool to use to help people focus on the area(s) of their life in greatest need. One of my favorite questions is,’If you were the parent to your inner child, what would you say and do to nurture them?’ I also use the tapping to help people overcome negative thinking, fear, and old behavioral patterns that no longer serve them.”

“I love seeing people excited about their lives because they are experiencing breakthroughs,” Dr. Cooper tells us, “It is fulfilling to watch them accomplish what they thought were once insurmountable. Facilitating, or being apart of, a client’s journey is an honor and a privilege. It never gets old or boring!”

In honor of Life Coaching Month, SWIHA invites you to visit www.guidanceoncall.com to receive your first Coaching Session for the month of January complementary.

Become a Life Coach

We invite you to visit www.guidanceoncall.com to receive your Initial Complimentary, Virtual, Coaching Session for the month of January, "Life Coaching Month."

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