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Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 2/6/20 8:00 AM


Southwest Institute of Healing Arts recently launched GuidanceOnCall.com, an outreach initiative to connect clients to coaches within a matter of minutes. Guidance On Call serves those seeking immediate support for health and wellness. Becca Briley, Student Success & Guidance On Call, Head Coach says, “This is the perfect gateway to connect our SWIHA graduates, (Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and Guides) with clients in as little time as possible. As we embrace the power of 2020, we know it’s time to implement a pro-active, trusted source for holistic guidance.”

Per the Guidance on Call initiative, “clients will finally have support in breakthroughs, shift mindsets and improve lives – all through the inner-knowing that already exists inside each individual!” Available practitioner’s skills sets include:

  • Life Coaching - Life Coaches will provide the questions exercises and accountability for you to make the positive changes you want out of life. Using your inner-knowing, Life Coaching helps you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.
  • Hypnotherapy - A Hypnotherapist can help you experience stress and anxiety reduction, easing fears and phobias, and addiction abatement including smoking cessation and weight management. Hypnosis induces a deeply relaxed state of inner concentration and focused attention, nurturing decisions from a state of awareness and clarity.
  • Intuitive Guidance - An Intuitive Guide will support your personal growth through intuitive information and/or utilizing tools such as oracle cards. The focus could be releasing blocked energy and past trauma, tapping into past lives, working through a current hardship, or helping you to activate their highest potential and life work.
  • Nutritional Guidance - Nutrition coaches are able to help you develop your personal wellness goals by empowering you to take responsibility for your health and providing education. Being healthy involves more than just a proper diet, so a nutrition coach may also focus on non-dietary aspects in order to improve your mind-body-spirit wellbeing.
  • Toe Reading/Soul Coaching - By asking soul-coaching questions, the practitioner sits humbly at your feet (or reads the toes virtually) and makes observations that help reveal the stories your toes metaphorically record. You will discover new awareness & transformation to help you propel integration and healing.
  • Spiritual Guidance - Spiritual Coaches are here to serve you in a powerful way during important milestones, such as births, weddings, sickness, and transitions. They do not operate based on dogma or any prescribed doctrine; rather, it’s designed to help you explore your own Oneness with life, and prepare you to embrace your own divinity.


What to expect:

  • Have a "discovery call" with your coach who has the skills you've requested - Are you a good fit?
  • Enjoy a confidential, safe conversation in which you share what support or guidance you are seeking - What are you seeking and why?
  • Answer a few powerful questions to support your growth - How willing and ready are you to make changes?
  • Explore how this change can be made with coaching support - What will you commit to in order to create change(s) for better health and wellness?

The Guidance On Call team will connect souls seeking support with one or more Guidance on Call guide members to serve needs. “I’m thrilled to support as the head coach and liaison in this mission,” says Becca.”

For more information, visit GuidanceOnCall.com, or contact Becca at beccab@swiha.edu or 480-994-9244.

Guidance On Call

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