Clear Away the Clutter and Complete New Year’s Resolutions through Hypnotherapy

Posted by Brian McKinney on 12/18/14 4:33 AM

Hypnotherapy, SWIHAEvery year, almost half of Americans (45%) make a New Year’s resolution. Of that number, 24% do not succeed in keeping their resolution. What if there was a method that could help us follow through with our New Year’s resolutions and succeed at accomplishing them?

Hypnotherapy is a great tool for clearing away resistance, something that is a common factor when trying to succeed at accomplishing New Year’s resolutions. Linda Bennett, Senior Curriculum Specialist and the Hypnotherapy Program Director for both On Campus and Online Hypnotherapy Programs at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), provides her students and clients with many tools and guided meditations to help “clear away the clutter.”

However, there are some misconceptions about hypnosis that are not true. Many people think that hypnotherapy is similar to what we see on television or in the movies… the facilitator controlling the subject, trying to put them in a trance by swinging a pendulum in front of their eyes. Although that perception makes for a great movie plot and an entertaining stage show, it’s completely untrue says Linda. When someone is in the state of hypnosis they are still completely in control and will only go along

with what the hypnotist is suggesting, IF it is in alignment with the client’s ethical and moral standards. Every suggestion a hypnotherapist offers to the subject, the subject always has the ability to accept or reject the suggestion being offered.

Another common misconception about hypnotherapy is that it is dangerous. According to Linda, there has never been a documented case of harm coming to anyone from the therapeutic use of hypnotism, or a documented case of someone unable to come out of a hypnotic state.

Hypnotherapy, SWIHA

Some might also believe that hypnosis or hypnotherapy can weaken their will, which Linda says is also untrue. Hypnosis actually works with the will, not against it. No one can be hypnotized against their will. Hypnosis is actually a natural state of mind. It is a very pleasant feeling of complete physical and mental relaxation, similar to the moment between knowing you are awake and going into the state of sleep.

Don’t let these myths and misconceptions be an obstacle in seeking hypnotherapy, especially when trying to accomplish New Year’s resolutions. Linda’s hypnotherapy sessions are a great way to help clear away resistance to accomplishing goals such as New Year’s resolutions, and to follow through with those goals. Hypnosis is a great way to get back on track.

linda bennet hypnotherapy

To learn more about hypnotherapy, and hear Linda’s tips for accomplishing New Year’s resolutions turn on your TV!

jim mcmahon hypnotherapy

Linda Bennett, the Program Director for Hypnotherapy at SWIHA, will be a guest on the Morning Scramble hosted by Pat McMahon
Friday, December 19th @ 8 am

Interested in learning more about hypnotherapy and Linda’s tips for accomplishing New Year’s resolutions? Tune in to the Morning Scramble with Pat McMahon on Friday, December 19 that 8:00 am on AZTV. Linda will be discussing hypnotherapy, debunking common myths and misconceptions, and sharing suggestions on how to succeed at reaching New Year goals.

To experience hypnotherapy firsthand, try out SWIHA’s Student Clinic in January. These sessions are complimentary, and are done under the supervision of an instructor. While the sessions are complimentary, students can accept cash gratuity. January 2015 hypnotherapy clinic dates are Tuesday January 6th, Thursday January 8th, Tuesday January 13th and Thursday January 15th. All dates have openings at 6:45 pm and 8:15 pm, with the exception of January 15th, which only has appointment availability at 6:45. Please click here to learn more about SWIHA’s Hypnotherapy Clinic.

SWIHA offers hypnotherapy courses and programs on campus and online. To enroll in a course or the hypnotherapy program, please contact SWIHA at 480-994-9244 and ask to speak with an admissions advisor.

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