Jonathan Sorrell Serves His Fellow Veterans Through Spirituality

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 8/1/19 3:00 PM


Jonathan Sorrell found himself meandering through mundane days in the traditional job force after his time serving our country in the military. Until one day, when he looked around and realized that he was not touching or affecting lives to his full capacity.

“I went online looking for programs,” he tells us, “I had heard about SWIHA and decided to check it out.”

The decision was an easy one for him to make. Jonathan says: “When I touched the handle and walked through the main door, a feeling of calmness came over me, and said ’you’re home!’”

Jonathan found two programs that aligned with his newfound life purpose: Spiritual Studies and Life Coaching. He found much more than just an education though! “First, it allowed me to take a look at my life and what changes needed to be made,” he explains,  “and then gave me greater insight into how I could express that and share my story with others to allow them to really show up authentically.”

The biggest lesson he’s learned? “Life continues and unfolds as it should. All is in Divine Order and we need to learn to accept that.”

He tells us that his time at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts changed how he looks at the world, how he shows up, and how he can support others for their greatest and highest good! He found his purpose serving others who have served our country. He uses his spiritual guidance and passion for healing to bring inspiration and renewed purpose to military veterans: “I continue to support and inspire others at every opportunity! I perform Reiki on others as I walk, I am a Chaplain for my Veterans Group, and I am a volunteer Chaplain at the State Veterans Home. I also collect money in support of our homeless Vets.”

Jonathan says he has found the power to be true to himself, follow his passions and has discovered what makes him come alive. He wants to encourage future SWIHA graduates to do the same! His message is powerful: “Show up, step out of your comfort zone and grow. Learn to be of Divine Service in all areas of your life!”

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