Caitlyn Goehring Uses Her Unique Approach to Connect Mind, Body & Spirit

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 10/3/19 3:00 PM


“SWIHA changed my life,” says Caitlin Goehring, a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner graduate, “I don’t know where I’d be without these courses - it catapulted my spiritual growth and journey and brought me more in alignment than ever before.”

Caitlin was pulled to study holistic nutrition after witnessing illness in her family since a young age, “I’ve always believed in the healing power of food and wanted to support others in this. I had no idea the amount of spiritual downloads that I was in! I can best support my clients through nutrition, intuitive eating, and other spiritual practices such as astrology, tarot, and flower essences.”

Her deep dive into wellness education also had a profound effect on Caitln’s inner-life: “SWIHA helped me become serious about my own meditation practice through the meditations that I was required to do through my classes. I had a Kundalini awakening and felt my dad’s spirit with me, showing me where I was being guided and that I was on the right path. It was an experience that was brand new to me -- heavily emotional, affirming, and so connecting. I’m connected now to my guides and so clear about how my life and my path has brought me to where I am so that I can serve others and share my gifts with them!”

Caitlyn now owns and operates Blooming Planet Wellness, where she provides mind-body-soul alignment coaching, astrological birth chart readings, as well as speaking and writing engagements.

“I transform the lives of others by showing them what’s possible for themselves and giving them the tools necessary for building their spiritual practice, connection to their intuition, healing their relationship with their body and food, and learning how to support themselves emotionally,” says Caitlyn, “I wanted to start my own business for the freedom and creativity that I’d have in owning it myself. It’s been the most challenging and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It was a leap of faith and the Universe has carried me!”

Caitlyn is also currently working on opening a second business with a partner where they will focus on corporate wellness. They aim to create functional yoga tools and furniture to bring holistic living to the every day and in every community.

Her advice to future holistic entrepreneurs is to be open, trust the process, and to trust their innate knowing! She wants everyone called to do bigger things in the world that there’s a reason for the nudge: “I am living my heart and soul each day and experiencing more joy and connection than I’ve ever had,” she tells us.

You can keep up with Caitlyn through her Instagram and Twitter!

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