Brigette Cross, Spiritual Coach, Encourages Others to Live Their Truth

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/6/21 4:00 PM


As with many souls who are drawn to SWIHA, Brigette Cross found herself at a crossroads in her former field of work. During her time as an account, she describes the feeling that she had something more to contribute: “I was in search of my own spirituality. I wanted more knowledge to enhance my gift so I could share it with the world,” she recalls.

Brigette enrolled in the Mind Body Wellness Practitioner program where she developed her coaching practice, Be-Smiley. Her business’ tagline is: “Life is too precious to live unhappy!” which perfectly encapsulates the goal of Life Coaching.

“Life Coaching is helping one to become the greatest most authentic version of themselves.,” she explains, “Which, to me, means living the life you deserve and presenting yourself to the world as the person you were created to be.”

“I love when clients come to me for whatever reason. I want to know what makes you tick: happy, sad or otherwise,” Brigette continues, ”Listening is key and body language speaks volumes”

Brigette is a spiritual coach that specializes in manifestation, a tool she uses for herself as well: “I find clients in the most inconspicuous way. People will just come up to me and start talking. Before we know it, we have made a connection and an agreement.”

When asked why Brigette loves serving in the world as a Life Coach, she replies: “To see the light bulb turn on in someone's head. To bring to light what they may or may not realize they are wanting, and have been too afraid, shy, or non-vocal to share or show the world. To say to another human being: ‘You are awesome.’”

Learn more about Spiritual Coach Brigette Cross in the video below, where she talks with Becca Briley about their life-long pull to be of service to others.

Become a Life Coach

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