Brian Sheldon Harnesses Breath, Nature & Coaching Tools to Inspire and Uplift

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/13/21 4:00 PM


Brian Sheldon, of Brian Sheldon Wellness, is a Nature-Rooted Wellness Coach. “My goal is to help clients who are struggling with feeling lost or unsure of themselves,” he tells us, “We work together to find clarity and establish goals to live a more healthy, happy, and fulfilled life!”

“When I came down to Phoenix to visit SWIHA for the first time, I felt extremely lost and like I was on the edge of discovering something deep inside myself that I have always known and never been able to explain or unlock,” explains Brian. He describes how energy within SWIHA “just felt right”, and he signed up for the Mind-Body Wellness program immediately!

“I've always been one to take big leaps, however coming to Phoenix to attend SWIHA was a no-brainer,” Brian recalls.

Brian developed his own unique Coaching techniques, blending his passions and gifts. His favorite techniques are a combination of forest bathing and guided visualization meditations: “I have found incredible peace and healing in nature, and I believe that though a connection with nature we are able to reconnect with ourselves and create vitality and good health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Guided meditations are a wonderful way to relax and reduce stress and anxiety, and they can also be an incredible tool to use to work toward goals and overcome blocks that are getting in your way of accomplishing your goals. By connecting the visualizations with the healing power of nature, these techniques can have profound positive effects on physical and mental health.”

While he does guided meditations and breathwork on Instagram Live and other social media features, he prefers to work with clients outdoors and feels that by spending more time outside, we are better able to slow down our minds and reconnect to the Earth.

Brian reflects: A Life Coach's goal is to help their clients to find ways to improve, to grow, to discover untapped potential and become better at anything they set their mind to. A Coach presents their clients with tough questions and helps to guide the client along their path as they continue to work towards their goals. If a client stumbles, the coach is there to help them get back up.”

“I am a Life Coach because I know how hard it can be to feel lost, to feel out of control of your health and not know where to begin to turn it around,” he shares, “With guidance, I found ways to change my habits and goals to help me take control of my physical health along with my mental and emotional health. I love seeing my clients accomplish their goals through the work they have done to improve and discover their untapped potential.”

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