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Posted by Nancy Newman on 3/17/17 8:00 AM

Several years ago, I first discovered toe reading at a Celebrate Your Life conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I had flown to Arizona a day early to take an all-day workshop from James Van Praagh, a clairvoyant, spiritual medium, and New York Times bestselling author of Talking to Heaven.

While autographing my book, he told me that I should get a toe reading and that I should do it that day while the lines weren’t very long because tomorrow the lines would probably be a three hour wait!  To be honest, I silently rolled my eyes and thought, “Good lord.  Toe Reading?  What will they think of next?”  Little did I know that one little decision would affect my whole life!

James-Van-Praagh.jpgI got my first toe reading and was blown away.  In 10 minutes, the Toe Reader revealed to me more about myself than my family would have been able to!  Being a natural skeptic, I thought that maybe she was just psychic, or a good guesser.  So I went to a Celebrate Your Life in Chicago and received another toe reading.  With the same result, I was beginning to think that it would be difficult to have two good guessers in a row.  Not to be deterred, since I still was not convinced, I went to yet another Celebrate Your Life conference, and this time my reader was Barney Cannon.  He was so accurate that I decided right there I had to find out more about this.  So I rearranged my conference schedule so that I could attend the short workshop from KC Miller, the author of Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path.

To say the least, I was blown away! All this time, I had been seeking to find my true life path.  I knew I was a teacher, I knew I was a healer, and I knew I was a writer.  I just didn’t know how it would all come together.  In the workshop with KC, she was strolling through the audience lecturing when she stopped right next to me (I was on the aisle).

“What if YOU”, she said, pointing emphatically at my toes, “were the messenger sent by Spirit to put Souls back on their paths?”  Whoa!  I felt as if I had been jolted back into my seat.  Then she continued lecturing, as if nothing had happened, while I was still sitting stunned in my seat.  That day KC Miller was MY messenger, and she did indeed put me on my path!

What-if-you-were-the-messenger2.jpgI re-arranged my conference schedule so that I could take an all-day class from KC.  Then, even though I live in Washington state, I traveled to Arizona to re-take the basic Toe Reading class several times. I made several additional trips for the other required classes to become a Master Toe Reader, including clinical work (at various locations) to receive the “Master” designation. 

Now, I travel the country giving lectures about Toe Reading, offer classes, and I am an On-line instructor for SWIHA helping to teach others from all over the globe the science and art of Toe Reading.

It’s always interesting to know why people are drawn to Toe Reading – maybe it is the unique name or maybe they are like me and they are seeking to know themselves better.  While people may feel they are going to just be getting another type of psychic reading, most clients are blown away when they realize how much more Toe Reading is.  By the end of a Toe Reading or at the conclusion of class, even the skeptics usually admit that there is “something to it.”  Here is one of my journal entries from June, 2013: 

“Lesson from Spirit today at the Holistic Festival:  It was the last reading of the day, after doing readings all day (from 10 am - 6 pm) every 15 minutes, with one short break before my talk. Nothing to eat, little to drink, I'm getting over my virus or whatever that kept me in bed for 3 days last week. I'm tired, I wanted to go home -- This elderly gentleman had been waiting for his appointment for FOUR HOURS! I found out later that he had a 6-hour round trip drive to attend my lecture that morning. So he sat down. He's was in his 80's (at least), missing quite a few teeth, and my mind immediately starts thinking "Why does he want a reading? He probably doesn't even believe in this stuff."

Nancy-Newman-Swiha-Great-Graduate.jpgWow, did Spirit have a surprise for me. This was one of the most heartwarming and blessed readings I've ever done in my Toe Reading career.

Based on what I saw in his toes, I asked him if he felt that he had given up a lot of his dreams and made many sacrifices and compromises for others during his life. He silently nodded his head, and the tears started streaming out of his eyes.

I told him that I could see that he had chosen a very difficult path in his life and I was there to honor and support that path. Then I asked about the support in his life, or the lack of support. My question was:  “Have you felt as if everything has always been up to you?”  He began to weep as he told me that he had had to support his mother and sister from a young age for most of his life and to do so, he had to give up everything in his life. He told me more; he was crying so hard I couldn't fully understand him. I started to interrupt him, yet a voice in my head said “NO!  It is more important for him to talk.”

 After a bit, the crying ceased, and I reassured him that he was a man of integrity and commitment -- and that I believed his sacrifices were part of his life plan and would make sense at some point. He dried his tears, smiled his mostly toothless smile, then said, “I feel like somebody REALLY understands what I've gone through in my life. I feel like I've finally been seen and heard. Thank you." By this time, I was leaking some tears. What a special reading.

What a gift from Spirit to be able give comfort, support and show compassion to another Soul who felt that they had had none in their life. I am so glad he sat down with me.  I was truly blown away!

This was my lesson from Spirit:  

If I am going to offer myself in service, I cannot be the one to determine if or how someone is going to benefit from a Toe Reading.

I am so so grateful that he sat in front of me, and allowed me to share his path. I will be forever grateful to my Toe Reading teachers, KC Miller, Cheryl Speen and Kaye Coleman. They introduce me to Toe Reading helped me to discover my life path. I am so blessed.

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About the Author Nancy Newman

Nancy Newman is Master Toe Reader who lives in Spokane, Washington where she actively reads toes as a part of the way she serves in the world. Nancy is one of the On-line instructors who facilitates the Introduction to Toe Reading class for Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, which is a required class in the Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner and Integrated Healing Arts Practitioner diplomas. Nancy is a guest lecture through the Northwest, and offers her own classes on Toe Reading. In addition, she has hosted her own radio program, with the goal being to always ‘see’ the souls who sit before her with compassion and grace.

Nancy Newman

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