Barbara Hribar Guides Her Clients to See, Say and Do in New Ways

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/16/20 8:00 AM


Life Coaching is a profession that offers adults the opportunity to make a difference in their life,” says Barbara Hribar, a Life Coach and Unity Minister, “It is a way I can guide others to a healthier, happier, more prosperous life. Life Coaching applies to all areas of their life and also to grow and expand in the area of their choice.”

Barbara had explored several options for coaching certification and determined that SWIHA was exactly what she wanted: “It was sold, proven, versatile, affordable and allows me the opportunity to learn how to be a holistic coach integrating body, mind and spirit.”

In her business, Youthful Living, Inc, Barbara coaches primarily from her home as well as attending local events to introduce people to what she offers as a holistic life coach. She tells us: “I have 3 phases to my work currently. ‘Conscious Parenting’, ‘Conscious Living - Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit’, and ‘2020 Your Year of Plenty’, which is a 6-month intensive program for those who wish to excel at their dreams and create miracles in their lives.”

“I do group coaching sessions as webinar meetings on Monday evenings,” she elaborates, “I also do personal coaching sessions by appointment, which stem from the group’s webinar coaching sessions and/or live events.”

As far as her favorite part of Life Coaching, Barbara explains: “I feel the joy when I see someone's eyes light up and they are feeling that joy that I see. They take steps forward without having to re-visit their past. What they said and did in the past is the past. What they say to themselves and do each day is what counts. I guide them to seeing, saying and doing things in a new way.”

Become a Life Coach

We invite you to visit www.guidanceoncall.com to receive your Initial Complimentary, Virtual, Coaching Session for the month of January, "Life Coaching Month."

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