Andrea Pohl Uses Intuition And Spirit-Source in Coaching Sessions

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/11/20 8:00 AM


“I love being a Life Coach because I found how to be of service to others in a way that overflows my cup,” says Andrea Pohl, SWIHA graduate and founder of Owl Wisdom Holistic Coaching. She has always been drawn to serving others, and spent a decade in various positions of the restaurant and hospitality industries, an industry she was introduced to while studying Psychology in college.

“I finally felt home when I took the position of head baker at a high-end catering company,” she tells us, “My search was over. A few years in, I got pregnant with my son and walked away to become a stay at home mom. It was a hard adjustment to say the least. I found my way out of postpartum depression by reaching out for help and support.”

It was that life event that inspired Andrea to pursue a path assisting others in overcoming their own individual hurdles.

“SWIHA popped up on my Facebook feed and Spirit told me to apply,” Andrea discloses, “It was what I was looking for. You see, at the time I was doing intuitive readings with much success and yet, was feeling like something was missing. To be certified as a Life Coach and to learn other hands on healing methods would help me to draw from a broader set of tools to assist my clients.”

As a coach, Andrea is dedicated to educating and empowering: “My healing journey of co-dependency and unbridled intuitive abilities lead me to a lifetime of anxiety and depression. It lead me to addictive negative self-soothing behaviors like binge eating and numbing out.”

Andrea took the tools that worked best for her journey to health and happiness and comprised it into a 12-week program composed of mindfulness, resiliency, assertiveness, time-management, and intuitive development.

“I powerfully impact my clients by creating a sacred healing space to feel safe to be vulnerable and honest with themselves about their true feelings, desires, intentions, and what’s holding them back,” Andrea explains, “When the client is sharing their story, it is Spirit who answers them always with complete love and compassion. The element of Spirit brings this deep understanding and acceptance that helps the client learn to understand and accept themselves in a more meaningful way.”

You can follow Andrea on Instagram at @owlwisdomholisticcoaching!

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