Amanda Webster Helps Her Clients Shift Their Mindset to Heal Their Life

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 2/21/20 10:28 AM

“I grew up in steak and potato country. My close friends can confirm that I never ate a vegetable,” says Amanda Webster, a graduate of the Mind Body Wellness Practitioner program  “Not surprisingly, I was plagued with symptoms of depression and anxiety and had trouble coping with life.”

During her first month at SWIHA, Amanda recalls sitting in Dr. Mahdi's classes wondering "What the heck is the picture on the screen?"Amanda-Webster-SWIHA-Blog

“I had literally never seen or tried a significant percentage of the vegetables that were discussed,” she admits and adds, “I was in an emotionally abusive relationship with no idea how to take care of myself, mentally or physically or how to get out of my situation...I used what I learned at SWIHA to be decertified by medical professionals as having a serious mental illness and heal myself mentally. Something they told me was impossible.”

Today, Amanda coaches others through her business, Amanda Webster Health. She aims to bridge the gap between mental and physical health utilizing her knowledge of coaching tools and healing the body and mind with Holistic Nutrition.

She tells us: “After utilizing my SWIHA knowledge to save myself, I wanted to save others.“

A Serendipitous Connection

Amanda had once interviewed Diamond Dallas Page, one of her childhood heroes who would later become a mentor. She grew up watching him as a wrestler with herdad, who passed in 2005.

“Dallas and I were discussing how to eat healthy on the road, he paused and said, ‘Your dad would be proud, ya know.’,” she describes, “When this guy I'd looked up to my entire life validated me like that, I knew it was my dad giving me the thumbs up.”

Because of SWIHA, Amanda met Loree Bischoff through the Life Coaching program and her husband, Eric Bischoff was the owner of the wrestling organization that bonded her so closely to her father. Eric stood in for Amanda’s dad and walked her down the aisle at her wedding in 2018.

Words of Wisdom

Amanda has this to share with current and future holistic entrepreneurs: “If I can go from a ledge ready to end it all to the happiest I've ever been and live out dreams that I was told were ‘silly and irrational’, any of the students at SWIHA can do anything they can dream of...Share your story. Help others. Heal the world.”

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