Amanda Dodd Uses Life Coaching to Cast a Light Over Trauma

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/7/21 4:00 PM


Amanda Dodd was drawn to Life Coaching when she began to feel pulled by a sense of “more”, which is an impressive call when you take in to account that she was already a holistic practitioner working with Reiki, The Emotion Code and The Body Code, as well as doing Mediumship while being a trauma-aware care giver to a special needs child.

“I wanted so much more, I wanted to really make an impact and be of service,” Amanda says, “I was interested in hypnosis because it had worked for me, and I knew that coaching would also be a way to be a bigger support to clients as well as change my life. SWIHA was the only place where I was able to find everything I was looking for created into programs that were fully loaded and online. I knew that it was the right vibrational match for me.”

The slogan of her business, Healing Beyond Trauma, is “Transforming Challenges in to Choices and Changes” which encapsulates her view of Life Coaching: “Life Coaching is about finding clarity, bravery, and taking supported steps towards the life you want.”

“My passion is healing beyond trauma! Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, unconscious behaviors and deep shadow work are where I shine the brightest light for my clients,” Amanda explains. Her session work is a blend of coaching, hypnotherapy, and spiritual guidance. “When we experience trauma, we are changed so fast and more often than not in ways we don't even become aware of until it’s a road block to who we are called to be. Trauma can wreak havoc and create unconscious behaviors that can create chaos on our lives and of those that we love and that love us, unless we take back the reigns.”

Amanda has also been integrating yoga, meditation and mindfulness into her sessions: “Coaching blends with everything! I love that I can have different sessions every single time, no two clients are alike and even the work we do for similar challenges is still different and unique,” she continues, “I adore that I get to witness individuals transform from where they were to where they want to be. Sometimes I even witness miracles!”

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