Amanda Dodd Stepped in to Her Power by Helping Others Find Theirs

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 4/16/20 4:00 PM


“I've had a few starts and stops over the years,” says Amanda Dodd, a graduate of the Mind Body Wellness and Integrative Healing Arts programs, “what I really want is to be of service in a profound and healing way for others because it salves my soul. It's giving something that I haven't received in my own life.”

Amanda has been a holistic practitioner with many modalities for over a decade, practicing Reiki, Angel Card Readings and Mediumship. However, she always struggled to really launch herself out into the world with confidence.

“Since my time at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, my world has changed immensely inside and out!” she tells us, “I am passionate about coaching and hypnosis especially with clients looking to overcome trauma and manage their wellness more proactively…I'm redefining myself as a certified clinical hypnotherapist/coach and deciding how I want to step out into the world! It’s an exciting and uncertain time, and it’s where the magic happens.”

Amanda says that each SWIHA class aided her personal and professional growth, from self-regulation and wellness to specific modalities and means of communicating and self-coaching. She tells us that her coaching, hypnosis, and transpersonal psychology classes like GRIT were all foundational to her growth as a holistic entrepreneur.

“What stands out is that I know I'm not alone,” she expresses, “even though school is done, I am still a part of an amazing community and support system moving forward.”

Amanda’s niche clientele are individuals who are empathic and intuitive, managing conditions such as PTSD. She works with them to move from surviving to thriving and overcoming trauma. Her toolbox includes Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness training, and Reiki.

“I help clients dig deep and revel big personal insights about themselves and then help them choose their new direction in a really empowering way. I now have a fully loaded tool belt to access with clients and I feel like not only did SWIHA do that with me but also taught me how to create even more tools to add in the future,” Amanda says.

To those embarking on their wellness journey, Amanda suggests that you “Be open, be curious and play!”

You can learn more about Amanda’s business, Healing Beyond Trauma, by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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