A Recipe for Success: Janet Lee Serves Some Wisdom on Integrating Life Coaching and Nutrition

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 1/8/19 8:00 AM

My personal favorite quality of Janet Lee’s, a Holistic Nutrition instructor at SWIHA, is that she can make a heavenly cheesecake--and it’s all nutritious, raw vegan ingredients! A close contender is her ability to deliver her wisdom and knowledge in a relatable, engaging way. Each interaction, you’ll come away with a fascinating food fact or thinking: “Wow! I didn’t know I could do that with my veggie scraps.”


“I’ve always enjoyed hearing about people’s journeys,” she explains, “and I thought [Life Coaching] would be a nice compliment to my interest in nutrition coaching.”

Janet graduated from the Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner diploma program and says: “Feeling safe in the classes allowed me to be vulnerable and heal some of my past while offering hope for the future.  It was transformational in that I was able to see patterns that held me back. The best part was learning tools to help me navigate my current and future journey.”

Her coaching business, A Healthy Journey, is founded on the principle of taking small steps to create lasting rewards. Janet utilizes many Life Coaching techniques along with her passion for Holistic Nutrition in order to provide true mind-body-spirit healing.

“I am a holistic nutrition educator, athlete and life coach,” Janet tells us, “I believe the small decisions we make create habits. Those habits become our norm. I co-create with clients a plan that will help them step into a healthy lifestyle. Our health is our greatest asset.”  

When discussing unhealthy patterns and creating a vision for her clients’ future, she often asks them, “Is that still serving you?”

To those considering learning coaching techniques, she has these words of encouragement: “If you are open and wanting to learn more about communication, gain proven tools that benefit any business, or want to know what the very best thing about life coaching is; it’s all about asking questions. That simple concept can transform how you live, love and show up in the world.

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