A Life of Service: Khariah Clark’s Journey from the Air Force to the Yoga Studio

Posted by Jade Marvin on 5/19/22 4:00 PM


Before SWIHA I was an active duty military member serving in the air force. Once I became a veteran, I knew I wanted to seek deeper healing for myself and the communities I am a part of. I also wanted to facilitate and curate spaces that allowed for that healing to occur. Being a trauma-informed and intuitively lead yoga instructor/ guide allow me to do just that in every space I’ve grown into.”

Great Graduate, Khariah Clark, of SWIHA’s 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training program as well as the Intuitive Guide program, has blossomed into her new life since attending Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Like many other students who enroll at SWIHA, Khariah was at a point in her life where she had to stop and reflect on what she wanted to do next with her life. Khariah had just dropped out of a very rigorous law program and felt defeated, not really knowing what to do next. Clark explains, “...not knowing my next move, I went into my backyard to do some yoga, I looked up to see a rainbow in the sky, it was awesome.” And one step aligning after another, Khariah found herself studying yoga and intuitive guidance at SWIHA.

While reflecting back on her time at SWIHA, Khariah confidently asserts, “My life has deeply improved since graduating. I not only feel confident in my calling, I feel supported and well equipped with mentors, books, and lifelong friends to call upon for guidance or just some love when I need it.” she continues, “I’d like everyone to know I am so so so thankful I decided to pursue higher education for my passions because the life I live now is the dream I dreamed of as a teenager. I wake up every day and I get to connect with different souls in different bodies that leave me fulfilled and feeling divinely guided/ connected truly. I’ve been super blessed to be on my path and I hope I can cross paths with those who read this someday soon. With all my love truly.”

Since graduating, Khariah has become the CEO of her own wellness company called ‘The Guided Healing League’. You can find Khariah teaching free yoga classes on Tuesdays at Spaces of Opportunity for Project Roots AZ. “The Guided Healing League is my baby and brainchild!” states Khariah. In addition to yoga classes, she offers stretching and meditation sessions as well, and is working on offering a more consistent class schedule and offering virtual options as well! By adding these virtual, interactive sessions for yogis, they will be able to practice in private and on their own timing! Khariah is also very active in her community in any way possible to be impactful with her gifts and talents. In addition to all this, Khariah is also busy being a mother and loves to watch her little one grow into his best self!

Every lesson at SWIHA was awesome truly; however, my favorite has to be to trust yourself and your gift. Every mentor and teacher I’ve encountered has an incredible story that always involves trusting that the people they are meant to serve will come. It has developed me in personal and professional ways I never imagined. I feel centered and happy to stand tall in my purpose as a healer and practitioner.”

While on the topic of SWIHA instructors, some of the instructors that had a large impact on Khariah’s experience were James Patrick and Sharon Rose. Khariah exclaims, “They really touched me to my heart’s core with their energy, auras, and teachings. My favorite class of all time has to be intuitive guidance with Sharon Rose…the healing, guidance, and strong educational/ business teachings I received in that class still have me in AWE. A one-of-a-kind experience that shaped my practice and journey SIGNIFICANTLY!

Khariah’s advice to any future or potential SWIHA students is “Breath. Every class IS awesome, every class IS beneficial, and every class CAN impact you and your future for the better, and ask yourself ‘what is my clearest vision?’ Take your time, slow down, imagine that path, then move forward with the love and support offered in every course necessary to make your dreams your reality. You got this!

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